Climb the Tech Industry with these promising courses

Climb the tech Industry

In this era of cutthroat competition, the tech industry is always looking for minds who think outside the box. Minds, who aren’t limited by their knowledge, and neither by their inherent talent. Minds, for whom the sky is the limit! Tech giants are always on the lookout for people who are skilled in a multitude of concepts, and this is usually where most people end up missing out.

Thankfully, the internet is here to help! Specifically, CodingNinjas! With a plethora of trending courses to help you land your dream job, CodingNinjas provide budding tech enthusiasts with the perfect platform to hone their skills, and land that dream job they’ve always wanted. Here are some interesting courses on established and upcoming technologies that you should definitely look into.

Ever since its introduction by Sun Microsystems, Java has been at the heart of all things technology. Right from phone applications to the Bluetooth systems in your car, Java is the engine oil for all processes. The language itself is considered as a successor to C++, following the same object-oriented approach to help visualise real-life relationships in code. 

Focusing on problem solving, skill-building and algorithms and data structures, this course by CodingNinjas make students learn and practice essential concepts using Java. Starting from an introduction, the course moves ahead with concepts such as stacks, queues, game and UI building, and much more. Taught by some of the best minds at CodingNinjas, including co-founder Ankush Singla, this is the place to be if you’re looking to land a job as a Java developer!

Machine learning is one of the hottest technologies out there. The potential for creation and innovation is insane! Think about this- how awesome would it be to have your own computer program legibly read a handwriting sample! Amazing, right? Here’s another interesting application of machine learning tech to daily life problems- one can use machine learning algorithms to predict loan approval rates for different application parameters, all in a single click!

Taught by CodingNinjas co-founder Ankush Singla, a masters in machine learning from Stanford, this course tackles intriguing theory with code and project practice, enabling students to access new research and application areas in machine learning. Don’t worry, the tedious mathematics won’t discourage you from pursuing this course- the focus on concept and a specially curated curriculum makes sure that students love each and every minute of it!

Where most of the students are proficient in honing their technical skills, the place where they tend to get nervous, or mess up, are the job interviews. Students often overlook the need for proper preparation of interviews, thinking that they’ll wing it on the spot. The truth, however, is that cracking interviews require a different, special kind of preparation.

CodingNinjas interview preparation course enables students to understand the expectations of the interviewers, and discover the best methods to fulfil them. With minds like Ankush Singla and Manisha Khattar teaching this course, students are bound to ace any and all tech interviews that companies put them up for. The course provides a simple and interesting methodology for you to ace all your technical interviews!

In addition, the interview preparation course also helps students on how to write algorithms, solve problems, and analyse solutions. Coming up with better, more optimised solutions is what interviewers demand, and the course helps students achieve that and much more. The concepts included in the course curriculum are data structures, object oriented programming, and databases.

With the level of competition on the rise, it is time to upscale your skills in order to land that perfect tech job you’ve always wanted. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are all hiring bright minds every year. The glitz and glamour that such a job brings with it is unparalleled! How to have the best chances of landing such a job?

CodingNinjas, with its plethora of tech courses on the latest trending technologies, promises to be the perfect launchpad for your tech career! Enrol now, learn, practice, and get that job you’ve always dreamed about!

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