Basics of Python with Data Structures and Algorithms

Basics of Python with Data Structures and Algorithms

This is the course to pick if you are just getting into coding and want to build a strong foundation. Widely used in Data Science & Machine Learning

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Why should I learn data structures and algorithms ?

Building Block for your Career
No matter whatever career path you choose in the field of computer science, data structures and algorithms lies at the root of it
Essential skill for Job in Software Development
All top product companies including FAANG will test your skills in data structures and algorithms.

How do you choose between C++ / Java / Python ?

C++ programs are directly compiled into machine-executable codes which consumes less time to execute the code. Hence, it is widely used in competitive programming where you are expected to optimise time and memory. So, if you are interested to explore competitive programming then it is good to start with C++ language
Java programs are easy to understand, structured and less prone to errors. Also, they are platform independent and portable which makes it a good choice for mobile, web and desktop applications. So, if you are looking for a career in software development then it is good to start with the Java language
Python programs are simple in syntax with extensive library support which helps the programmers to come up with required logic with few lines of code. It is popular and widely used in the data domains like data science, Machine learning, deep learning etc.., So, if you are looking for a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence then it is good to start with the Python language
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Build a strong foundation by becoming an expert at Data Structures & impress recruiters to land great jobs

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Meet the team that is invested in your success throughout your journey with us

Ankush Singla

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Programming Fundamentals (C++ / Java / Python)

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Python Foundation with Data Structures

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Appreciation shown by our students for this course
Had a wonderful learning experience in the course taught by Ankur sir and Parikh sir. All the concepts were inculcated with patience and skill. Highly recommended!
All the faculty members at Coding Ninjas were very friendly and helped me clear every doubt that I had. I believe that coding can help you become more analytical and indeed it helped me with my placement at ZS Associates.
I am thankful to the coding ninja family for showing me the correct path every time and encouraging me to follow that path. I am thrilled to be a part of this family. I am also grateful to my parents for supporting, caring, and encouraging me all the time. I decided to do an MBA rather than taking a job. However, I had given few interviews with companies like Deloitte but decided to quit from placement activities. It was a difficult decision for me. But the clarity of thoughts and inspiration ...
I joined Coding Ninjas in March 2019 for the course Python Fundamentals, Data Structures, and Algorithms. The course was very well versed and instructors were very knowledgeable in the field and I learned a lot. The course made me very comfortable with Python. After completing the course, I went on to learn Flutter for mobile app development and joined a startup to build mobile apps for Android and iOS. I am presently pursuing my Master in Science (Computer Science) from Lakehead University in C ...
The Python Data Structures and Algorithms course at Coding Ninjas gave me the confidence to code complex systems and algorithms which help me on a daily basis at my current workplace and also in research.
When I enrolled in Coding Ninjas' Premium DSA Python Course, I was lacking hands-on experience with Python Coding. I was familiar with the nuances of Python but was naïve when it came to practical implementation using the language as I hailed from Electronics and Telecommunication background, i.e., non-CS. The Introduction to Python course gave me great exposure to real-life coding in Python. Further, when I started with the DSA part, I got a lot more enlivened and got myself drenched into the h ...

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Introduction to Programming


Data Structures & Algorithms


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