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Last Updated: Dec 7, 2023

What is a Live Course and its Benefits?

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During this age of high-speed internet and streaming technology, it only makes sense that we fully utilise these for our education or personal development. Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, taking offline coding classes is not an option. Thus, in order to get the most out of our courses, it is always beneficial if we opt for real-time coding courses online and live sessions. Live courses open up a whole new world of doubt solving sessions and engaging classes where students can learn more than what the syllabus has to offer. Whether one is looking for coding courses for beginners, online coding courses with certificates or classes for cracking coding interviews, live courses such as the C++ Live Course are always great options.

What is a Live Course?

Live courses can fundamentally be defined as courses that involve sessions or classes that are being conducted in real-time. The ‘live’ refers to these classes being held by real teachers that are present during the class rather than just pre-designed course material or pre-recorded videos. This is a learning model where teachers have full control of the class and where classes are held in a virtual classroom. This allows these courses to be more personalised and more optimal for resolving doubts or for answering the questions students have.

Teachers from these live courses can cater to the students better and optimise their classes to suit the needs of the class. For example, a topic that is not included in the syllabus (but might prove to be beneficial in an interview or during job roles) can be attended too. Teachers can decide to focus upon more important topics while quickly going through topics that are not as important.

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What are the Benefits of a Live Course?

There are many benefits that live courses offer to college students, freshers and working professionals. From increasing the effectiveness of the classes to allowing students to reach out to teachers for solving their doubts or to get answers to various questions, live courses facilitate all of these and more.

Here are some benefits of a live course:

  • Synchronised delivery of lectures according to groups or batches
  • Live courses are more engaging and interactive
  • Doubt solving and ‘one on one’ Q&A sessions
  • The human touch and industry advice from the personal experience of teachers
  • Experience of a real classroom, regardless of where the students or teachers are based in or located
  • Real-time discussion of topics with group activities, debates and revision
  • Teachers can evaluate students better
  • Teachers can also get to focus on the deficiencies of particular students and work on that
  • Teachers can adjust the pace of the course by aligning with the status of the group or batch
  • Assignments and take-home projects that can be discussed in the next class
  • Finally, these programs are more exciting and motivating for students

Frequently Asked Questions

Which online course is best for coding?

The C++ Live Course is definitely one of the best online courses for coding. There are also many amazing free online coding courses in India that you can choose from. However, these coding courses for free do not come with accredited certificates or additional support from real teachers. Thus, a coding course such as the C++ Live Course is one of the best options you have. Coding Blocks is also another great option for online coding courses.

What is a live coding class?

A live coding class can simply be defined as a coding class that is being held in a virtual classroom by real teachers.

Can I learn coding in 1 month?

Yes, you can definitely learn the basics of programming in about a month. However, to learn a bit more than the foundations of coding, some more time is required.

Can coding be taught online?

Yes, coding can definitely be taught online as proven by hundreds of successful students who have learnt coding from online programs.

How can coding be taught online?

Coding can be taught online with the help of specialised learning environments that allow teachers to show students how to code. Coding Ninjas has its proprietary coding environment that is great for coding and for compiling the code in order to execute programs.

Is coding a good career?

Yes, coding is a great career with an ample amount of scope and many career prospects. Coding also pays well in India with an average salary of Rs. 4,84,782 on the lower end for freshers and programmers with little to no experience.

Do you make money coding?

Yes, you can make a lot of money coding. Globally, senior programmers and engineering managers make an average of $98,980 annually, which is quite a lot of money.

Are there coding courses online for free?

Yes, there are many online courses that are free; however, these are not as extensive as Coding Ninjas courses, and these free courses generally do not come with certifications.

How to choose the best coding course?

You must choose your coding course according to the programming language you wish to learn or the job role that you are aiming for. You should also consider factors such as certifications and placements when taking up coding courses.


In a live class, teachers and students must be active simultaneously, and this makes things more professional, this also simulates offline classrooms much more effectively. By doing so, the benefits that are realised from offline classrooms can also be noticed in these kinds of courses. If left to their own devices and at their own pace, students do not find enough motivation to complete courses in the recommended time. This can be avoided with live courses as the presence of a real teacher and other classmates motivates students to effectively finish topics within the stipulated time.

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