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Last Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Syntax Error: Return Outside Function in Python


For a long time,Python has been a very well-liked programming language. This is primarily because of its adaptability and simple syntax. Python can be used in almost any area of software development. 

We are assuming that you must have written some amazing codes in python. But, have you ever encountered an Indentation error in your code? 


This article will guide you through the syntaxerror return outside function in python. Also, it will clear all your doubts regarding the same. 

So, let us start understanding the syntaxerror return outside function:

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SyntaxError Return Outside Function

Errors are problems that occur in a code because of an illegal operation performed by the user or a programming error that halts the normal flow of the program. Errors are also known as bugs or faults.

In Python programming, there are two types of errors. 

  1. Syntax Error 
  2. Logical Error 

In this article, we will be looking for SyntaxError Return Outside Function. 

So, what exactly are Syntax Errors in python? 

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Syntax Error

A syntax error is one of the most fundamental types of programming errors. The syntax error simply indicates that the Python parser is unable to understand a line of code. When we do not write the proper syntax of the Python programming language (or any other language), the Python interpreter throws a syntax error.

Let us take an example to find whether a number is even or odd: 

number = 89
if number&1 == 0
  print("Number is even")
    print("Number is odd")



As we have missed the colon: the python interpreter is throwing a syntax error of invalid syntax. 

Now, let us discuss the types of Syntax errors: 

  • putting a keyword in the wrong place
  • empty block
  • misspelling a keyword
  • missing or wrong brackets
  • Invalid Syntax 
  • leaving out a keyword
  • Return Outside Function 
  • incorrect indentation
  • leaving out a symbol, such as a comma, colon or brackets

As the name suggests, we are going to discuss SyntaxError Return Outside Function in python: 

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SyntaxError Return Outside Function

This syntax error is simply an Indentation error; it occurs when the indent or return function does not align to the indent of the defined function.

Let us understand with an example: 

# Function to return the result of multiplication of two numbers
def func(a, b):
  # Print the value of a*b
  mul = a * b

# Print values in list
print('Multiplication: ', func(10, 34));



You can compile it with online python compiler.



How to correct this? 

Let us see: 

Corrected Code

# Function to return the result of multiplication of two numbers
def func(a, b):
  # Print the value of a*b
  mul = a * b
# Print values in list
print('Multiplication: ', func(10, 34));





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Frequently asked questions

How many types of errors are there in Python? 

There are two types of errors in Python programming: Syntax and Logical. 

What is the difference between Syntax and Logical Errors? 

Syntax errors occur when the syntax of the language is not followed. Semantic errors are errors caused by incorrect use of program statements. Logical errors are errors that occur when the specification is not followed.

What are Logical Errors?

When a program gives undesired output, one can say that logically the program is wrong. The error results in a logical error. 

Differentiate between Runtime and Compile Time errors. 

Compile-time errors are those that occur during the compilation process and are related to the semantics or syntax of the program. A runtime error  occurs during the execution of code at runtime. During code development, we can easily fix a compile-time error. A runtime error cannot be detected by a compiler.

What makes Python so popular?

Python is one of the most loved user-friendly programming languages available because of its simple syntax and emphasis on natural language.


To wrap up the article, we have extensively discussed the SyntaxError Return Outside Function in python. 

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