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Robot Framework is a test automation framework which is free and open-source, maintained by the Robot Framework Foundation, which Nokia Networks initially developed.

In this post, we will first learn about Robot Frameworks in general, then about installation, standard libraries, and built-in tools, as well the features of Robot Frameworks, as well as the Framework's pros and disadvantages, as well as for instructions on how to install the required software.

Let's move to the next section to know more about Robot Framework. 

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Robot Framework

Robot Framework is a Test Automation tool that uses keywords to write test cases, making it simple to learn and use. Acceptance Testing, Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATTD), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are all supported by the Robot Frameworks open-source framework. It employs a keyword-driven testing technique, and We can use test libraries written in either Java or Python to extend its capabilities. The Test Scripts are replaced by some keywords in Robot Framework, eliminating the requirement for large code sections.

Source: https://audviklabs.com/robot-framework/


In the next section, we’ll discuss some features of The Robot Framework.

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Features of Robot Framework

The features of Robot Framework are as follows:-

  • It facilitates data-driven testing by offering Test Automation for various data sets.
  • In a tabular style, test cases are prepared using keywords (pre-defined or user-defined). Users can create their keywords. Variables are encouraged to use.
  • Acceptance Testing and Acceptance Test-driven Development are done with the Robot Framework.
  • It avoids using huge code and instead employs a behavior-driven testing strategy.
  • It can communicate with third-party libraries and functionalities.
  • It enables the tagging of test cases, which is useful when running Smoke Test Cases, Regression Test Cases, System Test Cases, etc.
  • Following each build, reports and logs are generated.


In the next section, we’ll learn some pros of the robot framework.

Advantages of Robot Framework

The advantages of the Robot Framework are as follows:-

  • An open-source automation tool that is free to use and easy to install.
  • It is simple to understand and use because it does not require the user to write any complex code.
  • Users can also construct high-level keywords, enhancing their utility even more, unlike the current Library Keywords.
  • The use of External Libraries and Functions expands its capabilities.
  • It is compatible with both mobile and online applications.


In the next section, we’ll learn some cons of the robot framework.

Disadvantages of Robot Framework

The disadvantages of the Robot Framework are as follows:-

  • It does not support nested loops, making it challenging to test complex scenarios requiring multilevel looping.
  • It does not allow for parallel testing.
  • It has a set of indentation rules that must be followed.
  • Debugging some Robot Framework issues can be tricky.


In the next section, we’ll learn the installation process.

Robot Framework Installation Process

When using the Robot Framework, we will need a couple of software, which are as follows:

  1. Python Installation
  2. PIP
  3. Robot Framework
  4. wxpython
  5. Ride


Now; we’ll see how to install the Robot Framework.

Python Installation

Python is a programming language. Python can be simple to learn whether you're a first-time programmer or have experience with other languages. First, we have to download python and follow the setup instruction for the installation. To work on this Robot Framework, assuming you've downloaded the most recent version of Python, which is 3.10.4

Installing PiP

Under the 'Python installation' section, Along with Python, Pip is installed automatically (from Python version 2.7.9 and above). There would be no need to download it separately as a result.

As previously stated, 'Pip' is the Robot Framework's installation manager. It implies that if we have Pip installed on our machine, we can use it to install the Robot Framework effortlessly. The suggested method is to install the Framework with Pip.

In the next section, we will learn how we can use 'Pip' to install Robot Framework.

Robot Framework Installation

We'll now install the Robot Framework with Pip. To install the Framework, use the following line on the command prompt.

> pip install robot framework


When the installation is completed, use the command shown below to check the installed Framework version.

> robot --version


Wxpython Installation

Now, we have to download and install the Wxpython. Ride, a user interface for Robot Framework, requires WxPython. Ensure that WxPython is installed for the same version (32 bit or 64 bit) as Python. 


Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the URL in a browser and scroll down to see all the available versions. Select the WxPython folder version you want to download.
  2. Select the file to be downloaded for the specified WxPython version based on your system specifications.
  3. To install WxPython, enter the Downloads folder on your PC and run the .msifile
  4. Click Next after running the wizard below.
  5. Now Click the radio button. I accept the agreement -> Next.
  6. If the location shown is one where you wish the installation to take place, click Next. Otherwise, navigate to the chosen place and click Next.
  7. Select Next once more.
  8. The installation procedure will begin, and you will need to wait until completion thoroughly.
  9. To close the installation wizard, choose Finish.

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Once the installation is completed, go to the Control Panel -> Add/Remove programmes and double-check that Python and WxPython are present.

RIDE Installation

The final step in utilizing the Framework is downloading and installing RIDE, an IDE for building Robot Framework programs.

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a program that incorporates an editor, a compiler/interpreter, a debugger, and maybe an automated build management tool for coding and scriptwriting, as the name implies. RIDE would be our IDE for leveraging the Robot Framework to automate our tests.

Run the command below from the command prompt to install RIDE.

> pip install robotframework-ride


You may open RIDE by entering the command below once it is installed.

> ride.py

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It may also be accessible by creating a desktop shortcut.

Let us now see some of the FAQs related to the topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we install Robot Framework?

Using the following command, we can install the Robot Framework using the following command:

pip install robot framework

What dependency name will you need to install and utilize the RIDE editor with the robot framework?

Updated versions of Python and Wxpython are the names of the dependency and package you must use to install and use the RIDE editor.

What are the limitations of the Robot Framework?

It has strict indentation rules and is hard to maintain. It does not support parallel test execution, and in this Framework, some errors are difficult to debug.

What can you do using Robot Framework?

Robot Framework is a Python-based open-source general automation framework that may be used for automated software testing, robotic process automation, acceptance testing, and test-driven development.

Are there a lot of robot frameworks out there?

YES. In the industry, the Robot Framework is employed. Robot Framework is an open-source automation framework with a wide range of applications. It may be used to automate test and robotic processes (RPA).


In this article, we have extensively discussed the Robot Framework. We have learned Robot Framework using python and also some faqs related to this topic.

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