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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2023

MeritTrac Test 2023-2024-Syllabus, Pattern, Eligibility, and Exams

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A job at an MNC will always push your career further. Not only do these companies have a good reputation, but also provide the employees with a lot of perks and job stability. The wait is over as the MeritTrac Online Test is finally here. Born in 2000, MeritTrac is a company that provides other big companies with the service to conduct online assessments. These assessments help both the companies and the candidates to find a solution to their common desires. Qualifying the MeritTrac Online Test will ensure you an interview at your desired MNC.

MeritTrac Test 2023-2024 – Syllabus, Pattern, Eligibility, and Exams

Eligibility Criteria

All candidates need to hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree to apply for the MeritTrac Online Test. The eligibility criteria for each company should vary as per the company guidelines. To give you an insight into the eligibility criteria, we have with us the Wipro guidelines to apply for a job:

  • The candidate should have a minimum of 60% and above in both their 10th and 12th examinations.
  • The graduation percentage of each candidate should be above 60% or CGPA that corresponds to 60% according to the university they are from.
  • Courses with full-time accreditation are accepted. Part-time/distance learning/correspondences are not accepted in 10th or 12th or degree.
  • To apply for the MeritTrac Placement Exam 2023-24, the candidate has to graduate in the year 2023 itself.
  • The candidate should hold a compulsory degree of B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) or B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology).
  • Branches of engineering such as Textile Engineering, Agriculture, Food, and Fashion Technology are not accepted.

Further Criteria are:

  • A maximum of one backlog is allowed when the candidate is at the stage of assessment.
  • For candidates appearing in 2023, a maximum gap of three years is allowed in education (10th to the end of graduation).
  • The graduation degree should be a full-time course recognised by either the Central or the State Government.
  • The candidate should have no backlog during the selection process.
  • Wipro does not allow any candidate to re-apply (within 6 months of the last Wipro application).
  • Candidates should be a citizen of India or must hold a Person of Indian Origin/Overseas Citizenship of India card, in case they have a passport of another country.
  • All candidates from both Nepal and Bhutan must submit their Certificate of Citizenship.

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Exam Pattern

There should be three sections to the MeritTrac Online Test observing from its previous year papers. They are Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning. We shall discuss the syllabus of each in brief.

  • Quantitative Reasoning: This is the first section of the test. It will contain questions from Numerics, Speed, Time and Distance, Unitary Method, Highest Common Factor (HCF) and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), and Profit and Loss. This section will have 16 questions with a total time of 16 minutes.
  • Verbal Ability: This is the next section of the MeritTrac Online Test. This section will contain questions from Comprehension Reading, Jumbled Paragraphs, Synonyms and Antonyms, and Correction of Sentences. This section will have 25 questions with a total time of 25 minutes.
  • Logical Reasoning: This is the third and final section of the test. This section will contain questions from Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Coding and Decoding, Linear Arrangement and Odd One Out. This section will have 14 questions with a total time of 14 minutes.

Previous Asked Questions

We shall take one question each from Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning and the solution for each.

Quantitative Reasoning: 

Q. Selling price of x articles is the same as the cost price of 30 articles. If the profit is 20%, find x.

(a) 20

(b) 25

(c) 30

(d) 25


(d) 25


Let the cost price be ₹1 for x articles. Then, the selling price of x articles is ₹30

Profit acquired = ₹(30-x)

According to the given question,

((30-x)/x)*100 = 20

6x = 150

x = 25

Verbal Ability:

Q. Synonym for INTREPID:

  1. Courageous
  2. Effortless

      (c)  Cowardice

      (d)  Stout


(a) Courageous

Logical Reasoning:

Q.  How many offspring does N have? 

Statements: I. If Y is the only female child of Z who is the wife of N. 

II. L and M are brothers of N.

  1. Statement I taken alone is enough but not enough when Statement II is taken alone.
  2. Statement II taken alone is enough but not enough when Statement I is taken alone.
  3. Either both Statements I and II are enough or neither Statement I nor Statement II is enough.
  4. Either Statement I or Statement II is enough.

Ans: (c)

We can infer that Y is the only female child of Z. This does not guarantee that N has a male child. The information provided to us in Statement II is irrelevant.


Many companies such as Wipro and Capgemini have introduced programming or technical questions in the MeritTrac Online Test. Companies such as Accenture and Infosys are yet to add technical questions in their online tests. Irrespective of the company, if you are applying for any technical role, then you must be well-acquainted with certain topics related to Programming and Coding such as:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • RDBMS (eg. MySQL)
  • OOPs (Object-Oriented Programming System)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Operating System and Networking

Note: If you are applying for the role of a Web Developer, then you need to be well-acquainted with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular/React/Node etc. The coding language in the test should depend on the job role you are applying for.

In case you are not confident with the Technical aspect of the test, do not worry as we have you covered. Visit https://www.codingninjas.com/ to brush up on your technical knowledge.

How to Register?

The candidate shall register by clicking on the link of the registration forms given out by companies. MeritTrac itself does not circulate registration forms for companies. It provides Online Assessment Tools to companies for conducting their tests.

Preparation Tips

  • Understanding the Exam Pattern: The candidate should know that he or she is racing against time during the test. A candidate has a minute to spend per question on average. The candidate should solve previous test papers within the time range in order to improve speed and increase accuracy.
  • Improving your Quantitative Reasoning: The candidate should spend the least time in the Quantitative Reasoning section. This can be achieved by solving more questions on Numerical Ability (e.g. Speed, Time and Distance, Unitary Method, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, etc.)
  • For Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning: Provided the candidate has basic knowledge of English and a Standard IQ, solving questions, looking for synonyms online and reading books/newspapers should help the candidate improve in these sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria for MeritTrac?

The candidate has to hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree (only full-time courses accepted).

What type of questions will be asked in MeritTrac?

Questions of Quantitative, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability will be asked in the MeritTrac Online Test.

Is there any negative marking in case of incorrect answers?

There is no scheme of negative marking in the MeritTrac Online Test.

What is the total duration of the MeritTrac Online Test?

The total test duration shall last for 55 minutes.

Which companies use MeritTrac Online Tests to select candidates?

Major companies like Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, TCS, Capgemini, IBM and Cognizant use MeritTrac.

How will I know if I’ve been selected for the interview?

Depending on your results, you will receive an email from the particular company you’ve written the paper for, informing you about the interview process.

Which mock test papers should I solve to improve my proficiency in English?

You can start by solving TOEFL and IELTS question papers to improve your English Proficiency.

How many rounds do I need to qualify to get recruited?

You have to qualify the MeritTrac Online Test after which you will be selected for the interview process. If you are from a Tier 1 college, say IITs and NITs, you will have only one round of interviews. If you are from a Tier 2 or Tier 3 college, you will have two rounds of interview, i.e. a Technical round and the HR round.

What is the number of applicants vs the number of job openings?

The number of applications per year is roughly at about 2,00,000 out of which there are 1600 job openings.


Getting placed at an MNC is a dream for a lot of graduates. Not only does it make your job profile more flashy but also teaches you a good work ethic and prepares you for your further career. If you are looking to join an MNC as an Engineer (or any Technical Role), then MeritTrac Online Test 2023-24 is your best bet.

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