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Last Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Importance Of Data Structures & Algorithms For Students


The primary skill that every engineer should possess is knowing how to code. No matter what the stream is, no matter what your niche is, with the advancement and adaptation of technology in every sphere of life, coding becomes a basic necessity.

Data structures and algorithms are the building blocks of coding. Understanding the importance of Data Structures enables you to comprehend what is happening under the hood of your code and how your computer handles the tremendous amount of incoming data.


On the other hand, understanding algorithms help you to come up with techniques that can help you in further optimization of your code, save time and space when the code executes and put your mathematical skills to good use. 

In this article, we will look at the top three reasons for the importance of Data Structures and algorithms are most important for a student or a professional.

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Reason No. 1: Placements and Job Opportunities 

Being an engineer is the dream of many. Some do it for themselves while others do it to make their parents’ dreams come true. Whatever the motivation may be, the entire lot of engineering students have to undergo the same recruitment process for reaching their goals and getting a job opportunity at their favourite companies. 

The recruitment process for a company comprises several coding tests, technical interviews and HR interviews. The goal is to assess the candidate’s abilities of coding, computer fundamentals and how well they are suited for the company.

While your personality can handle the latter aspect of the interviews, do you know what the first few rounds depend on? Yes, you guessed it right – data structures and algorithms. 

Reason No. 2: Better Problem Solving Skills 

Being a coder or a Software Engineer is never about how many programming languages you know or how many courses or tutorials you have done for development fields like the web, app, desktop etc. What you need to understand first is how you are able to solve a real-life problem. 

There is a reason why all companies have a mandate on their candidates that they need to be proficient with data structures and algorithms. That is because data structures and algorithms are an integral part of problem-solving and creating better technological solutions. 

Have you ever thought about how Google Maps are implemented? Have you ever thought about how large volumes of data and interactions are taken care of on social media websites? Google Maps use a Data Structure called ‘graphs’ and they use several algorithms to find out the best and shortest route between source and destination. Similarly, social media networks like Facebook also use graphs to interconnect their users. 

While you are learning data structures and algorithms, look up their use cases in real-life and you will be able to start thinking in the right direction. This knowledge will help you choose the perfect data structure and algorithm next time you undertake a software project to work on. 

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Reason No. 3: Role Switching 

If you are currently working in any other department than engineering or you want to get a better engineering job, the only shortcut that exists is – learn the importance of Data Structures and algorithms! The best way for professionals to gain a new skill is by partaking in bootcamps that offer them learning modules, practical knowledge as well as a plethora of assignments that they can do on their own time without causing a disruption in their current job roles. 

Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp will be a perfect option for such individuals which is a dedicated program for people to become engineers with an extremely high placement rate. The best part is, there is 0 upfront fee, 0 security fee and 0 registration fee – pay only after you get a job! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are data structures and algorithms important?

Data structures and algorithms are important because of several reasons – they help you get new jobs and help you become a better engineer and problem solver.

Why is it important to learn about data structures?

It is important to learn about data structures because then the programmer can clearly see what goes on under the hood of the code you are writing.

What do you learn in data structures and algorithms?

In data structures you learn about the various ways the data is stored and manipulated when you are writing code for developing software.

What is the importance of data structure and algorithms in computer science?

In computer science specifically, data structures and algorithms help in code optimisation and help to tackle large volumes of data strategically and by imbibing several algorithmic techniques.

What are the advantages of data structures?

Data structures help in storage of data systematically depending upon the kind and size of the data we are dealing with.

Why are algorithms so important?

Algorithms are important to understand the connection between the handling of data and the interpretation of the computer. Algorithms help in optimisation of the code and also involve the usage of mathematical techniques to our advantage and hence make our softwares more efficient.


Be it getting a new job opportunity, switching roles, or just getting better at the current job you have, data structures and algorithms make your lives easier. If you try learning it as another subject for your academics, you probably will not be able to have a good command of both data structures and algorithms.

However, if you imagine data structures and algorithms as a fun activity and a brain exercise, it will instantly become something you enjoy and once you start enjoying it, you will definitely ace it. 

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It is suggested that you take up a mentor-led course to help you study exactly what is important and you don’t go astray by learning something which won’t be fruitful for your future endeavors. Coding Ninjas offers specially structured expert mentor-led courses, which you can check out on their website.

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Happy Learning

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