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Last Updated: Dec 27, 2023

How To Prepare For CodeAgon Exam?

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Looking for an opportunity to leverage your coding skills? Or are you trying to challenge your brain and test your level of coding? Join CodeAgon, a coding challenge conducted by CodeNation, and win awesome prizes. 

CodeAgon Exam

This blog is about different levels and opportunities in CodeAgon and tips on how to crack it.

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What is CodeAgon?

CodeAgon is a nationwide coding challenge conducted twice a year by CodeNation. There are about six challenges that are held in four hours. The problems are related to topics such as Data Structures and Algorithms.

You can win prizes worth two lakhs and be placed as Software Development Engineer. You can also get into an internship given by CodeNation.

Based on your performance, you can get shortlisted for interviews.

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Eligibility Criteria for CodeAgon

Users must reside in India and be fresher pursuing BTech, BE, MTech, ME, MCA, MS, Dual Degree- MTech+BTech, and Ph.D.

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CodeNation and its culture

CodeNation is the world’s first and only software company to apply disruptive thinking to challenges in Enterprise Software by adopting a path-breaking model for innovation. Every new person who joins CodeNation is passionate about coding and their passion, innovation, and new views and thinking to push the organization forward.

Every single person’s ideas and innovations are taken into consideration in CodeNation. CodeNation is continuously working on new and innovative projects that would challenge young minds and trigger their creativity. The output of the projects in CodeNation will be effective and innovative and will solve the problems given with elegance.

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Companies first start hiring and then start to develop skills for the hired individuals. Unlike them, CodeNation focuses on building the right team from the start. The forward motion of this team is powered by a highly regarded fresher Power Bootcamp named CodeNation University. Each individual in the organization experiences a natural trust and ownership environment.

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Resources to Prepare for CodeAgon Exam

Before we jump into the stages of interviews in CodeAgon. Coding Ninjas has launched the best course for complete preparation of CodeAgon Interviews, TCS, IBM, Infosys, and other similar exams and companies.

Course Highlights:

  • Covers everything you need to learn, Programming(C++/Java/Python), Aptitude(Quantitative Analysis, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning).
  • Faculties are best in the industry: Arun Sharma (India’s best-selling author for CAT Aptitude Books) and Ankush Singla(Ex-Facebook, Ex-Amazon)
  • 1-1 live doubt support via Audio/Video Calls whenever you are stuck.
  • Coding Ninjas Placement Cell access.

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Stages of Interviews in CodeNation

CodeAgon, a coding challenge, is conducted twice a year, and the names of the eligible candidates are shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates can attend interviews. 

First, the candidates are to attend an online test to understand their skills in converting their ideas and thoughts into code in a reasonable manner. The online test also has programming aptitude questions that require thinking and analysis.

If you are successful in the coding test, you are allowed to attend the first interview. This interview tests your coding expertise and also your problem-solving skills. The question in this interview has an abstract problem with a level of indirection. You are given some complex situations, and these situations are to be coded.

If you are successful in the first level of the interview, you are allowed to attend the second interview. The second interview focuses on testing the depth of the concept and initiatives you have undertaken. In this interview, the interviewer takes note of the previous projects you have done and the previous internship you have taken up.

Through this information, the interviewer can assess your interest and your knowledge of various subjects. It also gives an insight into the technologies you have used and the fundamental paradigms associated with them.

The interviewer may also ask questions about the roles and contributions you have made in the project you worked on. This interview section will tell them what field you are specialized in.  

If you pass all the eligibility criteria for each round of interviews, then you can move on to the third interview. The third interview focuses on assessing your ability to give a solution to a fuzzy problem. In this interview level, you are presented with a statement on a real-life scenario, and you have to come up with a solution to it. To create the solution for the given problem, it is important to view the problem more holistically and also understand each aspect of the problem.

Tips to crack CodeAgon Exam

This CodeNation test is an individual participation competition. CodeAgon questions are mostly based on Data Structures and algorithms. Some of the CodeAgon questions are based on real-life problems.

  • Time management is very important while attending the CodeNation test.
  • Programming aptitude questions might require thinking and analysis.
  • Practice similar questions and work on improving your skills. Complex and indirect questions might also be asked in the CodeNation test.
  • You can also practice previous and model CodeAgon questions given on the Codenation website, which would give an insight into your time management skills.
  • You can improve your skills very early by participating in various coding competitions like TCS Codevita and Google kickstart.

Prizes in CodeAgon

  • 1st position: One Lakh rupees
  • 2nd position: Fifty thousand rupees
  • 3rd position: Twenty-five thousand rupees
  • 4th to 10th positions: Five thousand rupees
  • 11th to 20th Positions: Two Thousand rupees

All positions get CNIL goodies.

Job Opportunities in CodeNation 

Talking about job opportunities, you can get employed in CodeNation as full-time or as an intern. You can also join full-time as a Software Development Engineer in Bangalore with a compensation of 31 Lakhs.

For CodeNation Off-campus placement, Software Development engineers are expected to develop and present ideas on solutions that will drive CodeNation Innovation Labs. If you are interested in CodeNation Off-campus placement, you should have strong fundamentals in data structure and algorithms and experience in problem-solving and writing complex algorithms.

CodeNation Off-campus placement also demands candidates to have strong written and verbal communication skills.

The internships in CodeNation are for the duration of two months. The location of the CodeNation internship is in Bangalore. The stipend is Rs 75,000 per month. There would be a live project where you can see the impact of what you create in these two months.


The CodeNation internship is held for two months in Bangalore. The intern is allowed to work once they join the JCNC program. The JCNC(Junior CodeNation University) program is a two-month long program that works based on the ideals and principles of CNU (CodeNation University).

CodeNation internship provides an opportunity for interns to work on live projects and ideate for new product features. They also suggest solutions for technical problems and also create and deliver these solutions. The CodeNation internship provides interns autonomy in projects and decision-making.

The intern should do a lot of thinking and researching and take up initiatives and stay innovative and creative. CodeNation internship focuses on giving a challenging environment for interns that will help them to go beyond their limitations and bring up their creativity.

Attending such internships will also teach them how to work in a corporation and give them an idea of how the world of software development works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CodeNation exam tough?

CodeNation exams are tough, and CodeAgon questions are mostly based on real-life problems. The questions demand innovation and creativity, and the answers must be unique. With good preparation and passion for coding, you can crack it.

Is the CodeNation interview tough?

Yes, CodeNation interviews are tough. Real-life problem-solving questions are asked, which might be tricky. Project-based questions are also asked, and the candidates are expected to have deep knowledge of the project they are working on.

How is CodeNation a company to work with?

It is one of the most coveted recruiters at engineering campuses like the National Institutes of Technology (NITs), offering Rs 24 lakh (standard salary offered this year), and it happens to be a prestigious company to work with.

Who can participate in CodeAgon?

Participation in CodeAgon is open to all, but to get prizes and job opportunities in CodeNation, the candidate must be residing in India and be a fresher pursuing BTech, BE, MTech, ME, MCA, MS, Dual Degree- MTech+BTech, Ph.D.


CodeAgon is a nationwide coding challenge conducted twice a year by CodeNation. Based on this, candidates will be shortlisted for interviews and can win prizes.
There are about six challenges that are held in four hours. The problems are related to topics such as Data Structures and Algorithms. It also has questions related to problem-solving and programming aptitude questions. The exams are a bit difficult, but with practice, you can crack them.

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