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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2023

How To Get A Job In A Product-Based Company?

Product based company


It is the dream of many IT graduates to work with globally famous product-based organizations like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. These companies not only respect the passionate programmers but also provide ample perks to their hardworking employees. 

Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Intel, and IBM are a few of the popular Product Based Companies In India. These companies seek skilled and talented human resources that can add more value to organizational standards and performance. 

Landing desired jobs in these products-based companies can be easy when the aspiring individuals adopt the right approaches in addition to possessing the necessary skills, expertise, and knowledge. 

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How to Get into Product-Based Companies?

Students and professionals with all the necessary skills and required knowledge sought by these aforementioned organizations would need to apply through the different mediums for job openings in these organizations. This is because these organizations often do not call individuals for an interview. 

It should be noted that these globally-renowned product-based companies hire fresh talent from top colleges, such as IITs and NITs, by conducting campus recruitment. Regarding experienced individuals, they need to apply through the job portals or career sections of the organization’s website. 

Popular product-based companies tend to allocate a definite budget for filling specific vacancies. With the help of this budget, they cover traveling costs, recruitment costs, and other expenses of conducting the campus recruitment drive. Their recruitment personnel usually prefer to visit top colleges of India where they can find qualified and hardworking employees.

However, it does not mean that students from private engineering colleges would not get hired by these popular product-based companies. The said students would just need to invest more effort to be hired. With the right approach and correct career choices, freshers from private engineering colleges can also get interview calls from popular product-based companies. 

On the other hand, individuals that have extensive experience in software development can directly apply to these companies. They can also opt for referrals of the existing employees of these top product-based companies for getting the interview calls.

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How to Prepare for Product-Based Companies?

Aspiring individuals can adopt the following tips to be well prepared for getting hired in product-based companies.

Your resume plays a crucial role

Aspirants should develop an attractive and informative resume as it would play an important role in getting interview calls. Resumes should be short and precise; thus, it is recommended that all the information should be summarised on one page. 

Recruiters also spend a few seconds reviewing the resume. Therefore, every line stated in your resume must reflect that you are an ideal choice for filling the vacancy. You can take help from varied blogs and videos that educate about making a good resume and the aspects that should be included/excluded in a resume.

Utilize your LinkedIn profile

Make efficient use of LinkedIn for making a connection with as many individuals as possible. It would empower your profile and help you in approaching or being approached by recruiters. 

This practice would also help you in getting referrals from the employees who are working in your desired product-based companies. A referral is the best way of getting interview calls with globally renowned organizations. And, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for networking with employees from product-based companies. 

In addition to this, the practice of browsing and hiring suitable candidates from LinkedIn has become highly popular in recent times. Thus, you need to make efficient use of this social media network.

Coding challenges to develop programming skills

Freshers are suggested to develop and enhance their programming skills by participating in the coding challenges offered by reliable sites. With the certification of knowledge about required programming skills and documentation reflecting your expertise in them, your chances of getting hired in product-based companies would increase drastically. 

All the coding achievements should be mentioned in the resume to enhance your profile and be a more attractive talent for recruiters.

Build your project portfolio

It is suggested that aspirants should also develop some small projects outside their curriculum to depict their passion and interest in programming. Recruiters of globally renowned product-based organizations tend to prefer individuals that have gone the extra mile for excelling in programming. 

Contributing to open-source projects and mentioning it in the resume is one of the best ways for freshers to stand out from their competitors and become the preferred choice of recruiters. Programming projects can be web applications, video games, iOS applications, android applications, or any other programming project.

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Internships are a great addition to your portfolio

Participating in internships during college and getting industrial experiences would also help you in getting hired by recruiters from top product-based companies in India. Internships with one of the product-based companies stated above can also transform into full-time jobs; interns are preferred over fresher candidates for getting hired full-time.

In this regard, participating in GSoC (Google Summer of Code) is recommended where you can get certified by Google for being a good programmer. Such a certificate would increase your chances of getting hired by popular product-based organisations, especially Google.

Get good scores in GATE

Scoring high in GATE can also open many avenues of getting hired for you. A good score is an evidence that you have command over core subjects and programming language. 

Thus, it would be beneficial to get a good score in GATE. Even if you are not called by recruiters of top product-based companies after getting a high score in GATE, you should mention it in the resume to stand out from the competition.

How To Crack and Get a Job at Product-Based Company Interviews?

Once an individual is shortlisted for interviews in one of the popular product-based organizations, he or she should be prepared for clearing all the rounds of the interviews.  Generally, there are  5 to 6 rounds of interviews in large-scale product-based companies.

This tends to confuse the candidates about what they should focus on and how they should prepare for every round. Let us delve into how you can prepare for each round of the interview.

Aptitude and Logical Reasoning round 

In this round, the problem-solving and coding abilities of the applicants are evaluated. It is an MCQ round with a limited time limit. 

Aspirants need not invest extensive time in preparing for this test as it is not as hard and long as the ones for government and competitive jobs. Few weeks of dedication and hard work can help you get shortlisted for the next round. You can take the help of online portals and resources that allow you to test your aptitude and logical reasoning ability.

Technical round 

This round is solely focused on testing the coding ability of the applicants. This round is considered to be tough by many candidates; the result of this round decides whether or not you are deemed worthy to work with your desired product-based company

Once shortlisted in this round, you would either need to clear the round through telephonic conversation or pass an online round. The result of this round leads the candidates towards a face-to-face interview directly. 

In the technical round, you need to focus on the concept of data structure and algorithms (DSA). This is because most of the questions asked in this round concern coding problems that can be solved with an efficient combination of problem-solving and coding abilities. 

Recruiters focus on the capabilities of the individuals to apply data structural concepts and codes with consideration of other constraints to develop the best possible solution.

HR round 

This is the last round for getting selected in product-based companies. In this round, the selected candidates are evaluated to see if they are fit for working in the organization. 

Abilities to deal with pressures, coordinating with others, and the ability to work in organizational culture are analyzed in this round along with the long-term and short-term professional goals of the candidates. 

The only thing to keep in mind for clearing this round is to stay positive and rational so that you can efficiently reflect that you are fit to work in the company and you would add value to it.

Hope we have clear all your doubts about How to Get Job in A Product-Based Company? If not then we have added a few frequently asked questions for your reference:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills are required for product-based companies?

Candidates must have strong foundational knowledge (Data Structure & Algorithms, Resource-based complexity analysis, Database, operating systems, and concepts of object-oriented programming) and adequate problem-solving skills.

How do I get a job in a product-based company?

You can get a job in a product-based company with an attractive resume, through efficient networking on LinkedIn, and by gaining expertise in programming languages.

How does a product-based company work?

Product-based companies tend to proactively develop and design products, software, and applications before the client approaches them. After development and designing of the products are completed, it is opened to be purchased and used in the market.

Is Deloitte a service-based company?

Deloitte works as a service-based company that facilitates financial services to its clients at the global level.

Why is Google a product-based company?

Google has a broad product portfolio which increases consistently. It is to be noted that Google provides products and services, but its core product is the search tool. Google Search is the core foundation of its success. So, Google is considered a product-based company.


There are ample product-based organizations that hire freshers; thus, you can get a job in your dream company with a positive approach and the right actions. An attractive resume enriched with practical knowledge, strong programming skills, and good networking assists you in getting your desired jobs.

You also need to be well-prepared for the interview rounds in popular product-based companies to get your desired job.

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Hope we have cleared all your doubts regarding How To Get Job In A Product-Based Company?

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