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Last updated: Feb 25, 2022


Function is basically a set of statements that takes inputs, performs some computation, and produces output. There are many situations where we might need to write the same line of code more than once in a program. So, C language provides an approach in which you can declare and define a group of statements once in the form of a function and it can be called and used whenever required.
Introduction to Functions
This article discusses Introduction to Functions.
Function Prototype EASY
This article discusses the Function prototype, its syntax, examples, and benefits. It also provides a guide on how to use the Function prototype.
Call By Value & Call By Reference in C
This blog discusses what call by value and call by reference in C programming language is and the difference between them.
This blog will cover what recursion is, the different parts of a recursive function, how memory is allocated for recursive calls.
Garbage Value in C EASY
In this article, we discuss and learn the garbage value in c with other important questions.
How can we return multiple values from a function? EASY
In this article, we'll look at how to apply a technique to get a function to return multiple values along with its implementation.
Random Password Generator in C EASY
In this article, we will discuss how to create a random password generator program in C. We will also see its time and space complexity.
What is the purpose of a function prototype?
In this blog, we will learn about the purpose of a function prototype with an example.
strstr() Function in C EASY
The strstr function is a useful library function in C programming. In his article incorporates information about the strstr function in c and how to implement.
Static functions in C EASY
C static functions are limited to the file where they're defined. Unlike global functions, their scope is restricted.
exit(), abort(), and assert()
In this article, we shall be discussing the exit(), abort(), and assert() functions, along with their syntax and examples.
Implicit return type int in C
This article shall cover the Implicit return type int in C and some examples.
What happens when a function is called before its declaration in C? EASY
In this post, we will learn what happens when a function is called before its declaration in the C language.
Noreturn function specifier in C
In this article, we shall discuss the noreturn function specifier in C along with its example and usage.
memcpy() in C EASY
This article provides a detailed analysis of memcpy C. Both its functions and error to watch out it is covered. Examples of code are used to improve understanding.
exit() vs _Exit() EASY
This blog discusses the exit() and _Exit() functions in C language. It highlights the key differences between the two functions.
Predefined Identifier __func__ in C
In this article, we shall be covering the Predefined Identifier __func__ in C and its example.
Callback Function in C EASY
This article will discuss all the necessary points associated with the callback function in C programming. We will further look at an example to understand the working of the callback function in the C programming language.
Nested Functions in C EASY
We can call a function inside other functions. Moreover, calling a user-defined function inside another user-defined function is also valid, Its called as Nested functions. This blog discusses the Nested functions in C.
Parameter Passing Techniques
This blog discusses various parameter passing techniques in functions.
pow() function in C
This blog discusses the workings of the pow() function in C.
tolower() function in C
This blog discusses the workings of tolower() function in C.
time() Function in C
Meta Description: This blog discusses the working of time() function in C.
User Defined Functions in C EASY
This article covers the basics of function syntax, parameter passing, and return values in C. Start building reusable code blocks today!
getch() Function in C EASY
In this blog, we will learn about C language, what getch() function in C is, and the implementation of getch in C with examples.
Strcpy() Function in C MEDIUM
The strcpy() function is used to copy the characters from one string to another.