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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Applications of C++

Author Sohail Ali


Programming languages act as an intermediate between humans and computers. In today's modern world, whether it may be the website you are viewing right now or the operating system your device is running on. Programming languages power all of them. Programming languages are seeing fast growth due to their ability to solve complex issues using few lines of code. So instead of going through the manual approach, organizations are shifting rapidly towards programming languages.

c++ application

Before learning a programming language, we should understand its importance. So let's see various C++ applications in the latest technologies. 

What is C++?

C++ is a general-purpose, high-level programming language. It is an extension of the C programming language. It was initially known as "C with classes " and later named C++. The main difference between C and C++ is that C++ supports classes and objects, while C doesn't. It is fast, simple, rich in libraries, platform-independent, and easy to debug.

It has low latency, faster execution speed, and high performance. Thus it is used in web and database servers. Due to features like pointers, C++ is closer to hardware than most other languages.

The Below diagram shows some features of the C++ programming language.

Features of C++

Since its creation, C++ has been a popular language globally. C++ has a vast developer community as well. This blog will discuss all the C++ applications we usually use.

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What are the Applications of C++?

Now let's look at various techs which are powered using C++.

Game Development

C++ works well with popular gaming engines like Unity, Unreal, Godot, etc. Gamers expect minimal to low time delay, high speed, and high performance from a game that is possible using C++.

Operating systems

An operating system must be faster and more efficient at managing system resources. Due to good memory management, operating systems use C++ for their development. Most existing Microsoft software, like Windows, Microsoft Office, visual studio ide, etc., are written using C++.

GUI-based applications 

One of the C++ applications is the development of desktop and GUI applications. For example, applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator from Adobe use C++. Win amp media player from Microsoft is developed using C++.

Web browsers 

People want to load their web pages quickly. That is why most web browsers use C++ for their development due to its faster speed. For example, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers use C++.

Database management system 

One of the C++ applications is the development of database management software. The most used database software, like MySQL and Postgres, uses C++.


Compilers for many programming languages use C and C++. Both are closer to hardware than most other high-level languages. Also, they are relatively low-level than other languages.

Embedded systems

C++ provides low-level function calls with much interaction and closeness with hardware. Due to this, various embedded systems, like smartwatches, medical equipment systems, etc., are developed using C++. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is C++ used for?

C++ is used in web browsers, databases, distributed systems, embedded systems, and various banking applications.

Is C++ better than Python?

The main benefit of C++ over Python is that the execution speed of C++ is faster than Python. Another use of C++ is that it runs on almost every platform. Meanwhile, Python runs on platforms supporting high-level languages.

What are the main features of C++?

C++ features include programming in both low-level(drivers, kernels) and high-level(games, GUI, Desktop applications). Object-oriented programming makes C++ more versatile and flexible.

Why is C++ so popular?

C++ is faster than most other languages both in compile and execution time. Also, C and C++ applications are extensive, making them popular among developers.

Is C++ useful for software engineering?

C++ is a powerful programming language with a wide range of applications. Due to fast speed, software developers use it to build operating systems, databases, games, and embedded systems.

What is the salary of a master of C++?

The salary of a Master of C++ can vary widely depending on factors such as experience, location, company, and industry. On average, a highly skilled C++ developer with a mastery of the language and several years of experience can earn ₹7,95,933.


This article discusses the most important C++ applications in real life. We hope this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge of C++ applications. If you want to learn more, then check out our articles.

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Happy Learning!

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