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Last updated: Oct 28, 2021

Basic Mathematics

Basic mathematics includes topics like algebra, arithematic, statistics, probability, geometry etc. Such concepts form the foundation for understanding more complex topics, and can be learned efficiently with regular practice. Basic mathematics problems can be learned easily with some guidance, which you can always find here at Coding Ninjas.
Ratio and Proportions
In this blog, we will discuss an important topic which is asked in the aptitude tests of almost all big-tech companies i.e ratio and proportions.
Author Deeksha
Averages EASY
In this article, we will understand the concept of averages in detail. We will also look at the different types of questions asked on this topic.
This article will take you around percentages and will clear your doubts for this topic as much as possible.
LCM in Python EASY
Improve your problem-solving abilities using lcm in Python and its practical applications in our in-depth tutorial.
Speed, Distance and Time
This blog discusses Speed, Distance, and Time, popular concepts, and problems. Read further to learn more.
Difference between Mean and Average
This blog covers what are the Mean, and Average and what are some of the differences between them.
Mensuration(2D & 3D)
In this blog, we will discuss the problem of Mensuration and the approach to solving the problem on 2D and 3D Mensuration.
Profit and Loss
In this blog, I’ll discuss a quite important topic: Profit and Loss. You will face questions from this topic in almost every online assessment.
Time and Work
In this blog, we will discuss and focus on time and work. We will cover its important insights, popular concepts, and various problems. Read further to learn more.
Author Zenith
Problems on logarithms for aptitude
This blog will help you prepare logarithms for aptitude, as it covers the basic concepts and sample problems; read further to learn more.
Progressions - Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic progression(AP, GP, HP)
This blog discusses the important concepts related to progressions, viz—AP, GP, HP, and their problems for better understanding. Read to learn more.
Longest arithmetic progression
This article covers the approach to finding the length of the longest arithmetic progression with its C++ code.
Author Spider
Difference between Log and Ln(Natural Log)
In this blog, we will discuss common and natural logs, which will enhance your knowledge of Logs along with the difference between Log and Ln.
Permutations and Combinations
This blog focuses on permutations and combinations, popular concepts, and problems. Read further to learn more.
Simple and Compound Interest
In this blog, we will cover the fundamental concepts, formulas and some sample problems for a better understanding of Simple Interest and Compound Interest
Author Spider
In this article, we’ll take you through the concepts of probability and their applications used in solving problems.
Author Alisha
Finding HCF and LCM is one of the important topics of Aptitude and frequently asked in the initial stages of interviews and competitive examinations.
Sum of all proper divisors of a natural number
In this blog, we will learn how to calculate the number of divisors and the sum of divisors of a number. Read to know more.
Data Interpretation
Data Interpretation is the process of analyzing the data from a collection of data. In this blog, we will see the different methods of data interpretation.