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Last Updated: Oct 26, 2023

5 Tech-Giants Hiring Coders

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Selecting the right company that will appreciate your coding skills is something of a headache. Plus, there are so many coders out there and according to some, the industry is saturated. What are you going to do? First, remember, that nothing can get saturated. If you are the best at what you do, you will always have a place in the job market that is hiring coders. secondly, prepare for the top tech giants who are looking to hire more people in the near future. Here are some of them:



Well, one of the internet kings is always looking for top talent and India is a place they love to search for it. As Google holds Android and Android is always going through some kind of updates, Google loves to hire Android developers. Along with your general English skills, Google will test out your Python, C++, C, .Net, HTML, Networking skills, etc., drawing up the best skill set out of you.



Yes, the genius social networking site that is taking the world by storm — Facebook is going to hire a few people this 2019. With Facebook making more advancements with People, and AI bringing in its People-recognizing skills, the top skills that Facebook requires are Pattern Recognition, Data Structures, and R. Plus, they are prioritizing on Privacy everyday, so keep your security skills up and running.




The world of Amazon continues to grow worldwide. People are slowly moving away from traditional marketing to online markets. And you can also say Amazon is an e-commerce King. But Amazon does not only satisfy its customers, it satisfies its employees too. It recently increased the minimum wage of all employees to $15 per hour and they are planning on more expansion too. Brush up your AWS and Solution Architecture to get a secured spot in this wonderful company.



The premium brand is always looking for some kind of innovation in their iPads, Macs, iPhones and other appliances. No wonder that they are focusing on Machine Learning and Python. Glance through your Matlab to ace their interviews. Apple is planning to create about 20000 new jobs and are also wants to breach the Indian Market. Keep your shirts tucked in for the interviews.



Though one of its top locations is in San Francisco, Oracle has most of its employees outside San Francisco. They even have a niche towards India and the developers that they find here. Of course, they have their own Oracle Cloud as one of their top skills but along with that, you need to be well-versed with Python and NetSuite to make a place here.



So, find your place in the right company and give value to your coding skills. Remember, coding is a talent — you need to learn to use it well. And you need to go to the right place which appreciates and help you to grow that talent. And if you’re looking for mentors for this journey of yours, we invite you to Coding Ninjas, where we offer courses on multiple domains — each of which is likely to interest the giants mentioned in the list above!

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