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Last Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Top 15 PHP Projects With Source Code - 2023

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In the vast web development ecosystem, PHP is a flexible and popular scripting language. Due to its ability to generate dynamic content, communicate with databases, and speed up the development of online applications. PHP has become a preferred choice for developers all over the world. We will explore the world of PHP projects with source code in this post. We'll highlight the many advantages and learning opportunities it offers.
The experience of working with PHP projects with source code is rewarding. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner wishing to advance your abilities or an experienced developer seeking to increase your knowledge. PHP projects with source code act as a canvas on which you can experiment, investigate fresh concepts, and materialize your ideas.

PHP Products and Source Code

Source-coded PHP projects offer a special opportunity for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Developers from all over the world can join many different open-source PHP projects. They can exchange ideas, and collectively improve the codebase.
You may build complex and feature-rich apps using PHP projects with source code. Whether you're setting up an e-commerce website, social networking platform, or online voting system. Make use of PHP frameworks' features, integrate databases, and follow best practices for developers to produce scalable and effective web solutions.
Lastly, open-source PHP projects let you explore ideas, grow your skills, and interact with a strong development community. As we start looking at PHP projects, we encourage you to take advantage of the new learning opportunities they present and set off on a path of continuous improvement in web programming.

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Beginners PHP Projects With Source Code

Beginners PHP Projects offer a great learning opportunity for individuals new to PHP programming. The projects below allow beginners to practice their PHP skills while gaining hands-on experience in web development, data processing, and user interaction.

Explore the list below of Beginners PHP Projects ideas -

1. A Chatbot for Students


The Student Information Chatbot System is a PHP and CSS web application. That uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse and respond to student queries. It provides a user-friendly chat interface where students can ask questions about college activities and receive accurate answers. The system allows users to flag incorrect answers. The admin can manage it through a secure login portal. Deploying the application on a cloud platform like AWS, GCP, or Heroku offers scalability and integration with AI capabilities. This project enables students to gain hands-on experience in developing chatbot systems. And learn about cloud-based technologies while staying updated on college activities through an online platform.

Source Code – A Chatbot for Students

2. Portal for Doctors


The Doctor-Patient Portal in CorePHP is a project designed to streamline the appointment booking process for patients. It aims to eliminate the long queues and waiting times experienced by patients. It is used for scheduling appointments with doctors in clinics or hospitals. The project aims to provide various services, including a personalised dashboard for managing appointments and other related tasks. The project is developed using HTML5, CSS3, CorePHP, MySQL, Ajax, and JavaScript technologies.

Source Code – Portal for Doctors

3. Clothes Recommendation System

clothing recommendation system

Students can gain practical experience building a clothing recommendation system by working on this project. They can learn about data processing, algorithm development, and user interface design. This project allows students to explore the concept of personalised recommendations by analysing purchased clothing items. By leveraging PHP's capabilities, students can develop an efficient and user-friendly system that suggests relevant clothing options based on a user's purchase history. This project enhances students' coding skills and provides insights into e-commerce and recommendation systems.

Source Code – Clothes Recommendation System

4. Product Rating System as per the Consumer Reviews

Product Rating

The Product Rating System is a project that leverages customer reviews and comments from social media, particularly Twitter, to rate products. The system collects and analyses relevant data by employing data mining and Natural Language Processing techniques. Assigning ratings based on the sentiment expressed in the customer feedback. Users can search for specific products and receive a rating that indicates the percentage of negative, neutral, and positive comments or reviews, providing valuable insights into product perception and customer sentiment.

Source Code – Product Rating System

5. Automatic Time Table Creation

Time Table Creation

Automatic Time Table Creation is a project that aims to automate the process of creating schedules for various activities, such as classes, meetings, or events. The system generates an efficient and conflict-free timetable based on predefined constraints and requirements by utilising algorithms and optimisation techniques. This eliminates the need for manual scheduling, saving time and effort for administrators and ensuring optimal allocation of resources. Students, teachers, and organisations benefit from this project by having well-organized and balanced timetables that promote effective planning and smooth coordination of activities.

Source Code – Automatic Time Table Creation

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Intermediate PHP Projects With Source Code

These projects challenge programmers to work with advanced concepts such as APIs, data analysis, machine learning, and social media integration. Intermediate PHP Projects offer an opportunity to enhance problem-solving abilities, dive deeper into PHP frameworks and libraries, and create more sophisticated and feature-rich web applications.

Explore the list below of Intermediate PHP Projects ideas -

6. Ad Dispenser Server

Ad Dispenser Server

AD-SERVER-PHP is an advertisement server written in PHP. It is a web server for storing and delivering online ads. It explicitly focuses on Twitter feeds. The system collects customer reviews and comments using data mining and rates products using natural language processing. Users can search for products and receive ratings based on the percentage of negative, neutral, and positive feedback. The project includes modules for administration, advertisers (affiliates), and clients (publishers). It provides functionalities such as profile management, ad creation, and payment tracking. Future enhancements include a payment system, advanced forecasting tools, behavioural targeting, and dynamic banner ads.

Source Code – Ad Dispenser Server

7. Predictive Model for Customer Behavior

Customer Behavior

The project aims to create an e-commerce-like website that performs basic Database operations, such as creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting data. The project emphasises conveying ideas for implementation, teamwork, and proficiency in PHP programming and MySQL integration. The website has a consistent layout and simple navigation. It has essential features like inventory display, product details, search functionality, shopping cart management, user authentication, and database manipulation. 

Source Code – Predictive Model

8. Movie Recommendation App


The Movie Recommendation System project is implemented in PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. It's great to gain experience in data processing, database management, and algorithm design by creating a system that provides personalised movie recommendations. Additionally, this project helps students understand the concepts of recommendation systems and explore various techniques used in the industry. 

Source Code – Movie Recommendation App

9. Image Processing and Generation

 Image Processing and Generation

The Intervention Image project is a PHP library that simplifies image handling and manipulation tasks, allowing users to create, edit, and compose images easily. It's great to learn how to scale, crop, and apply filters to photos to make the most of image assets for online and mobile apps. You can experiment with creating dynamic images, customised user interfaces, and creative modifications. 

Source Code – Image Processing and Generation

10. Facebook Application Development

facebook logo

The Facebook-clone project is a PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL-based full-stack social networking platform. This is to understand the difficulties involved in developing a social networking site that is completely functioning, including user registration, post creation, image and video uploads, commenting, liking, real-time messaging, notifications, and user settings. Students receive hands-on experience in full-stack web development, polish their programming skills in PHP and JavaScript, and comprehend the complexity of database management by working on this project. 

Source Code – Facebook Application Development

Advanced PHP Projects With Source Code

Advanced PHP Projects are for experienced developers and involve creating complex web applications like Online Shopping Projects, E-Commerce Websites, Social Networking Websites, Online Voting Systems, and WordPress Plugins. These projects require expertise in PHP frameworks, database management, security, and user experience design to build scalable, high-performance, and user-friendly applications.

Explore the list below of Advanced PHP Projects ideas - 

11. Online Shopping Project

Online Shopping

The Online Shopping System Advanced Project is an advanced e-commerce application with enhanced user-experience features. This project includes features such as a Wishlist where users can save items they desire, a List Orders section for monitoring order history and status, and the capability to add product reviews and ratings. The project is also centred on a revised routing system. This will facilitate navigation within the application. By working on this project, students can gain experience creating advanced web apps, adding cutting-edge features, and increasing user engagement. 

Source Code – Online Shopping Project

12. E-Commerce Website


The E-Commerce website that uses PHP lets customers look at goods, sign up as users, make purchases, and manage their account information. The project uses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and other technologies to provide administrators and regular users with a stable base. Administrators have more rights, like being able to add, change, or remove goods and confirm orders, while public users can only look at and interact with products.

Source Code – E-Commerce Website

13. Social Networking Website

Social Networking

DAOWAT - Social Network is a web application developed using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, and MySQL. It offers various features for public users, signed-in users, and administrators. Public users can create user accounts and view public posts. Signed-in users have additional functionalities such as creating posts with text and images, liking, commenting, and sharing posts with different visibility options (public, friends, or private), editing their posts, and providing information about their work, education, and contact details. 

Source Code – Social Networking Website

14. Online Voting System

Online Voting

The Online Voting System project is designed to enable voters to exercise their voting rights conveniently through an online platform. Users must first sign up for the system, which is a process that the system administrator oversees to make sure protection. The supervisor completes the registration by filling out a form on a particular site that only they can access. Once a voter is registered, they are given a unique Voter ID that they can use to log in to the system and use the services it offers, including voting. When a person registers to vote, their registration is rejected if they give any wrong or invalid information. This protects the integrity of the voting process. 

Source Code – Online Voting System

15. WordPress Plugins


This project template is good for newbies because it introduces them to best practices in WordPress development, helps them get used to important tools like Composer, and stresses how important security measures are in web development. Students can use this template to set up their WordPress projects faster and gain valuable experience making secure, well-structured websites.

Source Code – WordPress Plugins

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is PHP used for projects?

PHP is primarily used for server-side web applications. When a user requests a webpage, the server processes the PHP code and sends the final HTML output to the user. 

Q. How to run PHP project source code?

To run a PHP project source code, install a web server, place project files in the server's directory, ensure PHP is correctly configured, start the server, and access the project through a browser using the server's URL.

Q. How to save source code in PHP?

To save PHP source code, create a .php file, write the code with proper syntax and tags, and save it in a web server-accessible location. The server can then interpret and execute the PHP code when a browser requests it.

Q. What is the use of PHP in project development?

PHP is a versatile server-side scripting language for dynamic content generation, database interaction, and web development. Its integration with HTML, extensive libraries, and frameworks make it popular for building web applications, e-commerce platforms, and content management systems.

Q. Is it possible to view PHP source code?

PHP source code is not visible to users in a web browser; only the output is displayed. This enhances security by preventing unauthorized access to the code. However, developers and administrators with server access can view the PHP source code.


In this article, we looked at PHP projects ranging from beginner-level tasks like constructing chatbots and portals to intermediate projects requiring predictive models and image processing. Advanced projects include the creation of e-commerce platforms, social networks, online voting systems, and WordPress plugins. These projects provide chances for skill development as well as the development of powerful web applications. This guide is aimed to get you started with PHP development and projects. Projects are useful for reinforcing and deepening your understanding of a language.

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