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By giving a mock interview you will be able to

  • Test your problem solving skills under pressure

    I had mock interviews on DSA and web development before my placement started, these mock interviews were really helpful and they taught me how to present myself. I also found my areas of improvement and gained confidence from them.
    Sudhendra Kumar Singh
  • Find your strengths and weaknesses

    The Mock Interviews helped me in brushing up my skills as well as let me knew the areas where I was lacking. Even if we feel confident during the interview, there might be some areas where we lack. The Mock Interviews play a great role in the same.
    Dhanush Mukhi
  • Understand interview styles of different companies

    Mock interviews here conducted with industry mentors and guidance and feedback from them proved to be a boon for me. I was not only able to get an insight into what goes on during interviews but also how dynamic one needs to be while preparing for interviews.
    Lavanya Singh
  • Develop confidence & familiarity with interviews

    Coding Ninjas has been a boon for me, starting from scratch with C++ to Competitive Programming and diving further to Data Science And Machine Learning and Career Camp.
    Gopallal Solanki
Here's what you will get
1 hour virtual face-to-face mock interview session
Expert based on your goals and preferences
Detailed feedback with resume tips & suggestions
Premium Mentor Community
Full Refund policy
Ability to choose the interview round and role
You should take a mock interview if

You have an upcoming interview and are nervous about it

You have failed to clear an interview recently

You are preparing for an off-campus interview or are a professional who wants a referral

You are preparing for specific kinds of companies and want to get familiar with the format

You have studied, practiced but don't know if you are at the level of your target companies

How will the online mock interview work?
Step 1: Provide preferences

You select your target company category, role, interview round type and book a slot

Step 2: Connect with interviewer

We connect you with the best interviewer based on your preferences

Step 3: Give mock interview

You give your mock interview at your chosen slot

Step 4: Get feedback

The mentor gives you immediate feedback and recommendations

When should you take mock interviews
Our panel of experts
Rajat Saxena
Software Engineer
Total Experience: 4 Years
Pragya Kumari
Software Development Engineer
Total Experience: 4 Years
Pratik Roy
Software Development Engineer
Total Experience: 5 Years
Saarthak Jain
Software Engineer
Total Experience: 5 Years
Pranav Malik
SDE - 2
Total Experience: 5 Years
Rahul Rana
Backend Developer
Total Experience: 4 Years
Vaibhav Wankar
Software Engineer
Total Experience: 3 Years
Rishabh Gour
Software Development Engineer
Total Experience: 4 Years
Mrinal Chandra
Software Developer
Total Experience: 4 Years
Nilay Shrivastava
Software Development Engineer - 2
Total Experience: 5 Years

Select a plan based on your needs

Benefits of Mock Interviews

1 hour mock interview session
Interview expert based on your preferences
Detailed & Genuine Feedback
Choose from resume review, project guidance or mock interviews
Do well & get a chance to be referred
Full Refund policy
Buy now and schedule anytime in the future. No expiry date.
Package of 1 Mock Interview
₹2,500 ₹1,875
Package of 3 Mock Interviews
Buy 3 save 20% extra
₹7,500 ₹4,499
Package of 10 Mock Interviews
Buy 10 save 30% extra
₹25,000 ₹13,125

*Mentor company category can be selected on the next step

Why take mock interviews from real interviewers & not only from peers & seniors

Give the right feedback for you to focus on in limited time

Are interviewers in their company & have trained loads of candidates

Are aware of question patterns & know common mistakes made

Our students are placed at

Dhriti Aggarwal image

Dhriti Aggarwal

Bhaskar Gupta image

Bhaskar Gupta

Amit Mallick image

Amit Mallick

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Harminder Singh

Harsha Soni image

Harsha Soni

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Call us on +91 8810548361
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