Data Structures & Algorithm In C++, JAVA & Python

This is the course to pick if you are just getting into coding and want to build a strong foundation. Suitable for Competitive Programming, career in Data Science Roles and other tech roles in Product Based Companies

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Why DSA is important?

Building Block for your Career

No matter whatever career path you choose in the field of computer science, data structures and algorithms lies at the root of it

Essential skill for Job in Software Development

All top product companies including FAANG will test your skills in data structures and algorithms.

Exclusive Placement assistance

Get lifetime access to Coding Ninjas placement cell upon clearing the skill tests and become eligible for FREE Premium Account on Hirist with lots of benefits

Become a Coding Ninjas Certified expert with a premium hirist account

6 months access to Hirist, activated whenever you choose to

Curated jobs and internships hand picked for you by Coding Ninjas team

Managed Placements with Coding Ninjas Point of contact to help with the process.

Non-tech interview preparation support and counselling

Team of experts to help you get your resume in shape and to help you tackle softer aspects of the interview process

Your Support System

Meet the team that is invested in your success throughout your journey with us

Ankush Singla

Co-Founder & Instructor


Programming Fundamentals (C++ / Java / Python)

Parikh Jain

Instructor & Founding Member


Python Foundation with Data Structures

How Do You Choose Between



C++ programs are directly compiled into machine-executable codes which consumes less time to execute the code. Hence, it is widely used in competitive programming to optimise time and memory.


Java programs are easy to understand, structured and less prone to errors. Also, they are platform independent and portable which makes it a good choice for mobile, web and desktop applications.


Python programs are simple in syntax with extensive library support which helps the programmers to come up with required logic with few lines of code. Best for Career in Data Science and Machine Learning

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We have a team of 100+ Teaching Assistants (TA) to help resolve the problems online and on almost a real-time basis. You can raise doubts through portal on any problem, video you are attempting and our TAs will connect you via chat, audio call or video call for your doubt resolution.

The course will be conducted Online only. It has been designed in such a manner that you will have all the Online Videos and other content with you which can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time.

There is a flat 10% discount for any alumni or existing student of Coding Ninjas who wants to avail this course

Industry Mentors are the experts from reputed companies who have proven competencies in certain fields and are the best guides to help you choose your next steps in the Industry. They will conduct mock interviews with you on a 1:1 basis and provide you detailed feedback to help you improve your weak areas and prepare better for upcoming placements and interviews.

We don’t feel that degree or field of study can be a substitute for your determination and passion to Code. However, we do expect you to have strong aptitude skills so that you can learn the course well.

Coding Ninjas has always kept their promises and is a trusted brand in the Education Industry with an experience of upskilling 15,000+ Engineering Students. We will create your profile, prepare a resume, conduct mock interviews and do our best to help you get an internship. However, it is upto you how you best utilize our resources to secure an opportunity.

There are 170+ companies who have hired our students in the past. Industry Giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart Labs, AWS, Microsoft, Zomato are some of the names comprising this list.

Yes you can! Our course is flexible and designed such that students can pursue it as per their schedule. We require a weekly commitment of 12-18 hours per week.

Generally Coding Ninjas students get offered salary packages between Rs. 5 lakh per annum to Rs. 20 lakh per annum. Based on your profile you can choose to apply to companies that come for placements.

We have introduced a 60 days Course Pause feature. Through this, you can pause and extend your course for upto 60 days and easily continue with your college and semester exams, even if the college reopens in between the course. For working professionals as well if you have a period where you have lots of work in office you can pause this course and continue once you have a lean period.

In case after course completion, if you require content for revision, this feature will allow you to access the content for 15 days anytime without any cost. Even after availing the 15 days free extension, you can buy the one-month extension at a very nominal price. If you take the Pro or Premium courses you get a two-month free extension as well.

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