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Workshop on Recursion for Tech Interviews

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08:00 PM, 27 Nov 2020





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As programming students, we have all learned what Recursion is, but do we really know what it is? We often ignore important topics and focus on mugging up things instead of deep diving into them and making a strong foundation on them.

To help you build the core concept of recursion and its importance during interviews, we are organising a workshop on Recursion on 25th November, 2020 from 8 PM onwards.

Recursion workshop highlights:

·         What is recursion?

·         What is a recursive function?

·         Recursion examples

·         Application of recursion

·         Data structure used for implementing recursion

·         How recursion works?

·         How to write a recursive function?

·         Why is recursion used?

·         Importance of recursion during placement interviews

Learning recursion can open your gateway to solving recursive problems in languages like C++, Java, Python and more. Therefore, don’t miss out on this workshop!

Navdeep Sandhu
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Instructor, Coding Nijas
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