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Workshop on Arrays

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08:00 PM, 22 Oct 2020





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We all know the importance of arrays in data structures and how essential they are when it comes to passing your examination or your internship or placement interview. Coding Ninjas is organising a workshop on Time Complexity or Arrays by Navdeep Sandhu on 22nd October at 8PM.

The workshop aims to re-acquaint you with the concepts of arrays and its usage in different programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript and much more.

Workshop Highlights:

·         What is an array?

·         Introduction to arrays in Data Structures

·         How to sort an array?

·         Types of array

·         Advantages of Array

·         Features of Array

·         Questions on array for internship and placement interviews

Arrays are more efficient and beneficial when compared to linked lists and hash tables. They are faster and can be utilised anywhere. They store data of similar data types together and can be used anywhere in the code.

To understand many more hacks and features of arrays, do attend the workshop.

Navdeep Sandhu
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Instructor, Coding Ninjas