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Webinar on How to get placed in Tech Giants |Career guidance by IIT Delhi Alumni

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09:00 PM, 21 Aug 2019




Online Webinar

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Key Sections of the webinar:

Questions asked by students-Is 7 lpa good offer?
I am not good in Dsa ,what should I do?
Categorization of companies
Difference between satrtup and big company
-Is aptitude really important?
How to apply for off campus placements?
-How can I approach big tech giants if I have 2 yr experience.
How to approach google?
How to get development job?
How to start machine learning and where to apply for jobs and internships?
Difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence?
What language to start with for development?
How to get IT job when I am from mechanical branch?
I am from tier-3 companies,how to get into big MNC’s?
Ankush Singla
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Co-Founder-Coding Ninjas
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