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Webinar on Highest Order Components in React

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07:00 PM, 21 Dec 2020





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We all know that components are the backbone of React and are used in all the applications. These components are independent and reusable bits of code and mostly features the same functions of JavaScript. To get in in-depth insight on the same and to build your own components in React, we are hosting a webinar on 21st December, 2020, from 7 PM – 9 PM.

The webinar will be hosted by our ace faculty Aakash Tyagi who will be explaining and answering your queries around the below-mentioned topics.

·         How to create components in react using a class?

·         Class Component

·         Functional Component

·         Benefits of Components in React

·         How to create your own React component?

·         Best way to create React components

·         Ways to create react components

·          Stateless Functional Component

The webinar can be a great way to learn on combining and making React components while creating any application and further to maintain it. 


Aakash Tyagi
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Instructor, Coding Ninjas