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The Hirist Advantage for Coding Ninjas Students

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08:00 PM, 13 Aug 2020





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Key Sections of the webinar:

Introduction about hirist & iimjobs
Vision of Hirist and current scenario of tech jobs
collaboration b/w Coding Ninjas & Hirist
Advice to students using the most effective use of Hirist Account
Opportunities for freshers graduated in 2020
criteria of getting Hirist Account
Jobs for freshers in Data Science
How to apply for Hirist without a Premium Account?
How many Hirist accounts a student can hold?
coding for non-technical students
What is Career Camp?
course relevant jobs
Is it possible to pause the Premium Account in b/w & resume later?
How to renew premium account?
How Covid- 19 has impacted tech jobs?
How is Hirist different from other platforms?
Ankush Singla
Ankush Singla
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Co-Founder, Coding Ninjas
Tarun Matta
Tarun Matta
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Founder, hirist.com