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Runtime Terror

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09:00 PM, 21 Nov 2020




Online, Codezen


Run through the wave of codes smoothly and showcase your coding skills to stay ahead amongst your peers. Just for you and your college, Coding Ninjas in collaboration with Technical Society, MNIT Jaipur brings to you an Coding Online test '', that'll tease your brains! The test would consist of Coding as well as Aptitude MCQs.
We're now heading to our next stop MNIT, Jaipur on 21st November 2020.
Amazon Vouchers for the Top Winners
Date of event- 21st Nov 2020
Timing- 9:00PM to 12:00AM
Organizers name & number- Divyansh Kumar Singh (8127880868) 
Coding Club name- Technical Society
So don't wait. Register today and give your career that much needed boost!
Disclaimer: Participation Certificate to all the attendees. Rewards will be given only to the students from the MNIT, Jaipur only.
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