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Ninja Prep'20

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08:00 AM, 1 May 2020






Your summer quarantine bucket list is not yet complete because we are bringing a month-long Ninja Prep Test Series for all the programming enthusiasts and final year graduates that will be your passage into the competitive tech industry. 

The test series is divided into two parts featuring questions asked during technical interview rounds in both Service-Based and Product Based Companies. With a powerful combination of Aptitude Questions, MCQs and Coding Questions.

Top Service-Based and Product Based Companies like Oracle, Adobe, Google, Microsoft, TCS, Wipro and more are on a constant lookout for candidates that have a higher aptitude towards problem-solving. Don’t lose out on this golden chance to transform your skills while you are in the confines of your home.  


Service-Based Companies

Ninja Prep Test 1: 1st May, 8:00 AM - 8th May, 8:00 AM

Ninja Prep Test 2: 8th May, 8:00 AM - 15th May, 8:00 AM

Ninja Prep Test 3: 15th May, 8:00 AM – 22nd May, 8:00 AM

Product Based Companies

Ninja Prep Test 1: 22nd May, 8:00 AM - 29th May, 8:00 AM

Ninja Prep Test 2: 29th May, 8:00 AM - 5th June, 8:00 AM

Ninja Prep Test 3: 5th June, 8:00 AM - 12th June, 8:00 AM

Test Duration: It will be a 2-hour test

Practice Platform: CodeZen (www.codingninjas.com)

Disclaimer: This is an online test series for practice purpose only and no Participation Certificates will be rewarded to anyone.