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Master Class on Dynamic Programming

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07:00 PM, 12 Dec 2020





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Dynamic programming is heavily used in computer networks, routing, graph problems, computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. However, Dynamic Programming continues to be a perpetual enigma for all the programming students. It is a crucial topic to crack technical interview rounds at the leading bigwigs.

To help you understand the various realms of Dynamic Programming, Coding Ninjas is conducting an exclusive masterclass on 12th December from 7 PM onwards, hosted by ace faculty Navdeep Sandhu.

Here’s what you can learn during the Dynamic Programming Masterclass:

  •  What is Dynamic programming
  • Basics of Dynamic programming
  • How to practice Dynamic programming
  • Examples of Dynamic programming
  • Difference between greedy and Dynamic programming
  • Knapsack problem using Dynamic programming
  • Dynamic programming approach
  • Dynamic programming algorithm
  • Dynamic programming problems
  • How to solve Dynamic programming problems
  • Dynamic programming in DAA
  • It's a technique that makes it possible to adeptly solve difficult problems, which is why it comes up in interviews and is used in applications like machine learning. Here’s your chance to upskill your dynamic programming techniques for the ongoing and upcoming interview placement rounds.






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