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Live Session on Interview Problems Asked at Amazon

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08:00 PM, 15 Jan 2021





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Our quest for perfection and learning is never-ending. But how often do we really work towards achieving that perfection, especially when it comes to perfecting our tech interviews for Product-Based companies. If you are a great learner that we can be a great guide to enhance your interview experience and convert it into a full-time job role through our guidance.

Coding Ninjas is organising an exclusive Live Session on Interview Problems asked in Amazon on 15th January with Navdeep Sandhu. Amazon is hiring at a rapid rate with a unique hiring process that emphasises company culture and leadership principles.

Live Session Highlights:

·         Detailed introduction of the Interview format of Amazon

·         Types of questions and number of questions asked during the interview

·         Potential references and sample interview questions to practice from

·         Aptitude and Objective problems

·         Tips & advice to prepare for the interview

·         Prepare for coding assessment

Cracking the Amazon coding interview comes down to the time you spend preparing, such as practising coding questions, studying behavioural interviews, and understanding Amazon’s company culture. There is no golden ticket, but more preparation will surely make you a more confident and desirable candidate. 



Navdeep Sandhu
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