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How to shift from Service-Based to Product-Based Companies

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08:00 PM, 10 Aug 2020





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Key Sections of the webinar:

Introduction of Speakers (Keshav and Dhanush)
Career journey of Keshav & Dhanush so far
Keshav & Dhanush share their Career Camp Experience
Interview experiences of Keshav & Dhanush
Projects they have worked upon
Role in service based company & why did Dhanush and Keshav switch?
Relevance of Data Structures & Algorithms for making the switch?
How to get Jobs through off campus?
Keshav Mathur
Keshav Mathur
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Software Engineer, Exam Bazaar
Dhanush Kiran
Dhanush Kiran
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Software Engineer,Avalara
Navdeep Sandhu
Navdeep Sandhu
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Instructor, Coding Ninjas