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How To Excel In Competitive Programming

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08:00 PM, 2 Jul 2020




Online Webinar

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Key Sections of the webinar:

What is competitive programming?
What are the tools for competitive programming
Topics you need to learn to excel at competitive programming
Sources to learn Competitive programming
Is competitive programming necessary for good placements
Best languages for competitive programming
order of learning topics to master competitive programming
Are pointers required in competitive programming?
Which site is best for competitive programming?
How to deal with run time error?
How to build programming logics for beginner?
How much time it takes to learn competitive programming?
Important programming topics to crack interviews of product based companies
Building templates in competitive programming
Is CP required to crack machine learning interviews?
Is OOPS important for competitive programming?
Parikh Jain
Parikh Jain
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Founding Member, Coding Ninjas
Dharmendra Chaudhary
Dharmendra Chaudhary
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Intern, Coding Ninjas
Interview Preparation