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Career Camp Reboot

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08:00 PM, 20 Aug 2020





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Key Sections of the webinar:

Career Camp and changes made in the new edition
Can drop-outs join Career Camp?
Is Data Science included in Career Camp?
If a student received offer letter from one company will he/she be eligible to apply for other companies?
Is it okay to skip data structures in Career Camp?
Will Career Camp be helpful to those looking for a change in field?
Time, effort required for the course?
why should students take the course?
Why the number of seats are less in Career Camp?
How is Career Camp Pro different from Career Track?
If a student get a job during the tenure of the program will he/she needs to make the further payment?
Can a first year student join Career Camp?
Are students placed abroad via Career Camp
How is Career Camp going to be different from our other courses?
Product based Vs Service based companies
Impact of Covid on tech jobs
How much amount to be paid beforehand for both Career Scholar and Career Pro?
Reasons for increasing the Career Camp fees?
Why do product based companies focus only on DSA?
Ankush Singla
Ankush Singla
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Co-Founder, Coding Ninjas