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Boot Camp on How to Build Authentication App

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08:00 PM, 21 Nov 2020





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We are all aware of Application Authentication that we are generally requested for before downloading any app from Google Play Store, Apple Store, making any payments on Razor pay, UPI etc. Though we understand the value of the authentication, but being a programming student we ought to understand the tools and technologies behind the authentication feature.

To give you a roundabout  of the authentication app, we will be hosting a bootcamp on 21st November that will capture the following aspects:

·         What is an authentication app?

·         Types of an authentication app

·         How to make an authentication app?

·         The  Architecture of an authentication app

·         Guidelines to develop an authentication app

·         Making of authentication app using React

·         How do authentication apps work?

·         Examples of authentication apps

We are sure that after creating this application, you will be able to develop an authentication app of your own. This bootcamp can be your tutorial to understand the various aspects and technologies behind it.

Looking forward to hosting you during this online bootcamp!

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