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All you need to know about Off-campus interviews

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08:00 PM, 25 Jul 2020





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Key Sections of the webinar:

Introduction of Amrith M, Sai Narayan and Anurag Sharma.
Journey of Amrith M
Journey of Sai Narayan.
Journey of Anurag
Main challenges a student faces to crack off-campus interviews.
X-Factor a student should include in a resume to sail through off-campus interviews
How students get a chance to sit for off campus interviews.
How to prepare for off campus interviews
Important topics students should prepare to crack off-campus interviews.
How students can work on good projects?
How to learn dynamic Programming
Is competitive programming required to get into good product based companies?
Is CGPA important to crack off-campus interviews.
How to apply for internships?
Programming languages to master ML and AI
How many projects a fresher should mention in a resume?
How to get intuitions to solve DS & Algo problems
Does gap matter while applying for off campus interviews?
Web Development or Android development.
Parikh Jain
Parikh Jain
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Founding Member, Coding Ninjas
Amrith M
Amrith M
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Software Development Engineer at Amazon
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma
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Data Scientist, Precily
Sainarayanan L
Sainarayanan L
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SDE-1 at Amazon