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My exams are coming; I don’t know when my college will start due to COVID; I have lots of work at office, should I take the course or not?
We have introduced a Course Pause feature.
  • Through this, you can pause and extend your course for a certain number of days based on your course duration and easily continue with your college and semester exams, even if the college reopens in between the course.
  • For working professionals as well if you have a period where you have lots of work in office you can pause this course and continue once you have a lean period.
The course pause days will be based on the course duration so check your plan for the exact number of pause days

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Rohan Kumar

Instructor | Senior Infrastructure Automation Developer at Nvidia
Operating Systems

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Contributor | Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
Operating Systems
Appreciation shown by our students for this course
The experience of learning from Coding Ninjas was overwhelming. I was taught problem-solving and not just languages. Teaching assistants were always helpful, and appropriate support was provided whenever needed.
A place which teaches you to find a solution rather than knowing a solution
Coding Ninjas really helped me prepare for interviews and brush up on the important concepts during my placements. The lectures are very good and the webinars help a lot. Online lectures were very convenient, well structured.
A great place to build and strengthen your foundation of Data structure concepts.
These courses helped me in improving my problem-solving skills and plus teaching pattern in Hindi makes the video interesting and easy to watch. This course was better than courses on other platforms and it was more relatable.

Tools and Technologies Covered

Linux OS
C Programming Language

Course Curriculum


Operating Systems




System Design

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