Full Stack Web Development with Node.js Course [updated in 2021]

Full Stack Web Development Course — Node.js + HTML/CSS/JS

Learn to build entire web applications from start to finish with backend on Node.js and front end on Vanilla HTML/CSS/JS

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Node.js Full Stack Web Development

Projects that you will build

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart
Build the basic functionality of the shopping cart as you see in Amazon and Flipkart
Build a clone of iPod nano 5th gen
Movies App
Movies App
Search any movie and store it as your favourite
Social Media Website
Social Media Website
Create a social media website with popular features like a post, comment etc using Node.js, Mongo DB and more
Mini Contact List
Mini Contact List
Understand how the backend works and create a contact list by storing the data in a DB
Todo List App
Todo List App
Build a todo list app using Node.js and express.js
Static Blog
Static Blog
Build the UI of a basic blog using HTML
Mini Calculator
Mini Calculator
Build a calculator web app with Javascript as the core and style it with CSS
Music Player
Music Player
Build and style a music player like Spotify/Youtube Music using HTML and CSS Image
Chatting Engine
Chatting Engine
Build a basic chat engine using sockets, which enables the users to chat with each other on the website
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Build Paypal, Linkedin, Netflix like apps & build a strong project portfolio to land your dream job

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90% of college students

who complete this course get jobs in tech roles
10 lpa CTC
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achieve career transition within 12 months of the program
24 lpa CTC
Average salary for working professionals
course fees recovered within first year of new job
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Your Support System

Meet the team that is invested in your success throughout your journey with us

Arpan Garg

Instructor & Founding Member
Full Stack Web Development

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Instructor & Founding Member
Full Stack Web Development

Aakash Tyagi

Software Engineer & Instructor

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Appreciation shown by our students for this course
The Web Development course gave me a taste of actually developing apps, because of which I was able to make some projects, and also polish my resume, which helped a lot during the internship process. Coding Ninjas helped me get an internship during my second year.
Coding Ninjas helped me explore various opportunities when I was in doubt during my 4th semester. Ankush sir is the best mentor I've come across in my life, gradually I moved on to Web Development and Competitive Programming course which helped me sharpen my skills and achieve an offer at Amazon.
I enrolled for the C++ as well as Java courses of Coding Ninjas which helped me a lot. Coding Ninjas gave me enough confidence, I was just not taught how to code but also to build something productive. Gradually I upgraded my skills and started developing web apps. During the pandemic I utilised my time and developed an E-Commerce store. The site did so well that till now I have generated a revenue of about 9 Lakhs in 8 months.
Being a part of Coding Ninjas was the best decision I made. Bagging an internship at Microsoft was a dream for me and Coding Ninjas helped me to transform it into a reality. The highly competent and enthusiastic faculty helped me through all the obstacles. Their constant support and motivation sailed me through. Starting from very scratch and getting into the intricate details of everything was the plus point. No topic was left uncovered.

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