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Generally large businesses like financial institutions, retail chains, insurance companies, NGOs and government institutions look for someone who can analyse large amount of data to drive business & operational decisions
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Machine Learning

Projects that you will build

Gradient Descent Implementation
Gradient Descent Implementation
Implement the standard Gradient Descent algorithm for optimisation of a model (Regression or Neural)
Logistic Regression Implementation
Logistic Regression Implementation
Implement the standard Logistic Regression model generally used for classifying data into binary classes such as pass/fail, win/lose, alive/dead or healthy/sick.
Decision Tree Implementation
Decision Tree Implementation
Implement the standard Decision Tree Class used for classifying data into various classes using a tree-like model of decisions and their possible consequences.
Image Caption Generation
Image Caption Generation
Build a CNN/LSTM based model to provide a caption to the given image.
Distracted Driver Detection
Distracted Driver Detection
Build a classification model to predict using a database of images whether a given driver is distracted, ie, texting, on a call, driving safely etc
Text Generation
Text Generation
Build a Neural Network based model to predict what the next word will be in a sequence of words/sentences
Neural Machine Translation
Neural Machine Translation
Build an advanced model for the purpose of translation of phrases and symbols from one language to the other using Artificial Neural Network.
Urban Sound Classification
Urban Sound Classification
Build a Neural network based model to classify various sounds using their unique spectrogram into classes such as Dog Barking, Sirens, Street Music etc.
Text Classification
Text Classification
Build a classifier model using Naive Bayes algorithm to predict the topic of an article present in a newspaper
Image Classification (CIFAR-10 Dataset)
Image Classification (CIFAR-10 Dataset)
Build a classifier for classifying 10,000 images into 10 classes (dog, horse, cat etc) using the CIFAR-10 Dataset.
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Analyse the tweets posted on twitter to predict the sentiment of the tweet i.e. positive, negative or neutral
Facial Emotion Recognition
Facial Emotion Recognition
Build an advanced model with the ability to predict the facial emotion of a person in an image.
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Dedicated Placement Cell with curated job openingsDedicated Placement Cell with curated job openings

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1:1 Mock-Interview & Guidance-session with Industry Mentors
1:1 Mock-Interview & Guidance-session with Industry Mentors
Workshops for building your resume and Linkedin/Github profiles
Workshops for building your resume and Linkedin/Github profiles
Curated interview problems
Curated interview problems
DSA based product companies Mock Test Series
DSA based product companies Mock Test Series
2 months Free Course Extension
2 months Free Course Extension
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90 Days Course Pause
1:1 Doubt support with Teaching Assistants
1:1 Doubt support with Teaching Assistants
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It's a great place to learn how to code. The way of teaching and dedication offered towards your development makes it easier to grasp the concepts even for beginners. The best part of Coding Ninjas is the faculty, I am grateful for all the guidance.
One of the best mentors to guide you are here at Coding Ninjas. Loved the faculty and content, I would ask everyone who wants to learn to program to take up the courses here. Apart from this, practice is the key to ace the skills.
The experience of learning at CN was overwhelming. It shaped my mindset towards solving programming questions in a systematic way that still helps me in all coding scenarios. This approach helped me in the placement season a lot.
A platform having perfectly structured courses to build your programming skills. Mentors are highly skilled and I would recommend any aspiring coder to take up these courses. Grateful for all the learnings here at Coding Ninjas
Coding Ninjas is a great platform to start your journey with coding. I joined them in 2018 and completed the C++ course under Nidhi maam's guidance. The course helped me to understand concepts of DS and algo in-depth and moreover helped me to crack many coding tests and interviews. Whether it's faculty, placement cell, TA support, etc, Coding Ninjas is just the best. In the end, I'd like to thank all my mentors at Coding Ninjas for guiding me throughout.
The course structure was designed very effectively for both beginners and experienced coders. Support of Mentors and Teaching Assistants helped a lot to improve my coding fundamentals and helping other students enhanced my coding skills.
It was a great learning experience. The kind of content it provides really helps in building your logic and how to approach a problem in real life too. Ankush sir has done a wonderful job in explaining the core concept of hard topics.
The main aim here at Coding Ninjas is to inculcate interest in the topics being taught. Each lecture followed a pattern in which, first basics were cleared, and then only advanced topics were initiated. All in all, it's been a great experience.

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