Maximum subarray

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Given an array of integers, find out and return the maximum sub-array of nonnegative numbers. The sub-array should be continuous. That is, a sub-array created by choosing the second and fourth element and skipping the third element is invalid.

Maximum sub-array is defined in terms of the sum of the elements in the sub-array. Sub-array A is greater than subarray B if sum(A) > sum(B). And in case if the sum of two subarrays A & B is same, return the subarray with more number of elements.

No need to print the output subarray, you just need to return it.

Input format: `
Line 1: Size of input array`

Line 2: Array elements (separated by space)`


1 <= N <= 10^6
-99 <= A[i] <= 99
Sample Input :
1 2 5 -7 2 3
Sample Output :
1 2 5
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