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Last Updated: 5 Mar, 2021
Difficulty: Moderate


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Ninja is thinking of developing a game based on “Teen Patti” where a user will be provided with some number “N” or in technical term with an array “ARR[i]” and the user has to find the maximum number of triplets of indices (i, j, k) such that “BITWISE AND” of “ARR[i] & ARR[j] & ARR[K]” is ‘0’.

Help our Ninja to write a code for developing a game so that he is able to check that the user is giving a correct answer or not.

So your task is to count the maximum number of triplets indices (i, j, k) in a given array such that “ARR[i] & ARR[j] & ARR[k]” is ‘0’ where “&” represents the Bitwise And Operator.

Input Format:

The first line of input contains a ‘T’ number of test cases.

The second line of each test case contains ‘N’ i.e size of the array.

The third line of each test case contains an array ‘ARR[i]’ containing ‘N’ number of values.

Output Format:

For each test case, return the maximum count of triplets indices.
You are not required to print anything explicitly. It has already been taken care of. Just implement the function.


1 <= T <= 5
1 <= N <= 10^3
0 <= i, j, k <= N
1 <= A[i] <= 10^3

Time Limit: 1 sec