Hurdle Game

Posted: 26 Feb, 2021
Difficulty: Easy


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Once Kevin is playing a hurdle game in which he has to jump some hurdles to clear a particular level. Each level ‘i’ has ‘i’ hurdles (for example, level 6 has 6 hurdles).

You are provided with the total number of hurdles that Kevin has jumped, you have to tell how many levels he has cleared.

Note :

Kevin has played this game once. He can only reach the level ‘i’ if and only if he has already cleared the level (‘i’ - 1).

Input Format :

The first line contains a single integer ‘T’ representing the number of test cases. 

The first line of each test case will contain a single integer ‘N’ which represents the total number of hurdles that Kevin has jumped.

Output Format :

For each test case, print an integer denoting the number of levels that Kevin has cleared.

Output for every test case will be printed in a separate line.

Note :

You don’t need to print anything; It has already been taken care of. Just implement the given function.

Constraints :

1 <= T <= 50
0 <= N <= 10 ^ 8

Time limit: 1 sec 
Approach 1

The basic idea is to iterate through all the levels and keep subtracting the hurdles that Kevin has jumped. The steps are as follows:


  1. Create two variables “hurdle” and “level” to count the hurdles that Kevin has jumped and to count the level cleared, respectively.
  2. Iterate till the ”hurdle” becomes greater than ‘N’.
    • “hurdle” = “hurdle” + “level” + 1
    • “level” = “level” + 1
  3. Return “level” - 1
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