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What’s The Difference Between TCS Ninja Vs TCS Digital?

Kushleen Waraich
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023
TCS Ninja Vs TCS Digital


As the placement season approaches, young graduates and postgraduates leave no stone unturned in preparing for top-notch profiles and brand names. Tata Consultory Services is of the top recruiters and every year it recruits around 40,0000 freshers through TCS NQT i.e National Qualifier Test.

And this time as well TCS has rolled out announcements for recruitments through TCS NQT 2021. Every year TCS recruits freshers for the entry-level positions through NQT, viz TCS NINJA Vs TCS DIGITAL.

However, the aspirants are left in bewilderment on how to prepare for these profiles, whether they are the same or different, what are the requirements to be eligible for them, how can we apply, and many other doubtful questions like these.

So today we will see the similarities between these two profiles and will also discuss the disparities between the two. But before moving ahead let us see the two profiles at a glance.

Resources to Prepare for TCS Recruitment 2021

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TCS Ninja

TCS conducts the National Qualifier Test every year to hire two profiles TCS NINJA Vs TCS DIGITAL. Out of the two, it is the NINJA profile that garners more recruits every year. Let us try to understand why.

TCS NINJA profile offers you a package of 3.6-3.8LPA and it is the profile for which most of the mass is hired. If you qualify for NINJA you will be offered the role of Assistant Systems Engineer. The reason being the difficulty level of the various hiring rounds and the cutoff criteria.

Based on the performance during online training on the Xplore portal and then Academic Training by TCS itself, candidates are mapped to various units such as Business Unit, IT, and so on.

Let us discuss the roles and responsibilities of an Associate Systems Engineer i.e NINJA profile holder.

  • They are mapped to a technology domain based on their performance in the TCS Xplore program and Academic training by TCS.
  • Any Ninja candidate is assigned a project based on his/her CPA (Camera Proctored Assessment).
  • A Ninja is given a software project based on React, .Net, Java, and so on.
  • Or, the Business Unit roles such as operations, maintenance, testing, or supply chain.

There are three hiring procedures in which you can apply for a TCS NINJA profile.

To know more about TCS NINJA Recruitment check out Coding Ninjas’s TCS NINJA Preparation Roadmap.


The most hyped profile of TCS’s Recruitment process is TCS DIGITAL, and I agree with the fuss created for it. Through the DIGITAL profile, TCS aims to recruit freshers for the post of System Engineer, and the compensation offered for this role is 7,00,00 LPA.

But you should just not be wooed by the salary, as the role requires a candidate to be technically sound. Through its DIGITAL profile, TCS aims to hire some extraordinary minds who know the nuances of the latest technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Data Science, Blockchain, etc.

The candidates should have good coding skills and should be well versed with the concepts like Data Structures & Algorithms, Networking, Operating Systems, and most importantly Competitive Programming.

Let us discuss the roles and responsibilities foR the TCS DIGITAL profile:

  • They are mapped to a unit based on their performance in the TCS Xplore program and their awareness.
  • Any Digital candidate is assigned a project based on his/her CPA (Camera Proctored Assessment).
  • A Digital is given a software project based on Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and so on.
  • Or, the Data Unit roles such as analyst or scientist.

There are three opportunities in which you can apply for a TCS DIGITAL profile.

  • National Qualifier Test (NQT)
  • Upgradation to TCS DIGITAL (after onboarding)

To know more about TCS NINJA Recruitment check out Coding Ninjas’s TCS DIGITAL Preparation Roadmap.

Now let us see the two most popular recruitment events by TCS, through which you can apply for a DIGITAL or NINJA profile.


CODE VITA is one of the most talked-about events among coders. TCS CODE VITA provides an opportunity for the code maniacs to showcase their coding skills and grab a job offer from TCS. The announcement for TCS CODE VITA is made during May and the registration for the same begins.

The event takes place in June or July. Students in the pre-final year and final year of B.tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA can participate in CODE VITA.

There are three rounds in TCS CODE VITA. Let us have a look.

1. Pre-Qualifier Zonal Round: This round will have a window of 24 hours and each candidate will get 6 hours to solve this round on an online code editor like HackerRank/ HackerEarth/CodeChef. In India, there will be two zonal rounds and each candidate will have to participate in the contest from the same zone. You can choose any language of your choice to code. Some of them are C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.

  • NINJA: If you qualify for this round, your profile will get shortlisted and you will be called for a technical interview. Here, you will be asked questions from the solution code you wrote to the test problems and asked to elaborate on them. Like why you used this concept, is there any alternative to it, and some technical questions from the language of your choice will be asked. Then If you qualify, you will have to appear for an HR round.

    Once you clear all the rounds you will be offered a TCS NINJA profile. Then if you qualify for the next round (whenever it takes place) your profile will get updated to the TCS DIGITAL profile.

2. Qualifier Round: Those who qualify for the pre-qualifier zonal round will be eligible to participate in this round across the world. In this test, the candidate will be given six hours to solve the questions of this round.

  • DIGITAL: if you qualify for this coding round, your profile will get updated to a Digital profile. You might be asked to appear for an interview again, if so you will be asked questions about competitive coding and DSA.

To know more about TCS CODE VITA check out Coding Ninjas’ Preparation Guide for TCS CODE VITA.


Every year TCS hires freshers through its National Qualifier Test which is held at TCS iON supported centers. Its notifications are rolled out as early as starting of July and candidates can fill out the application and apply for the test.

This year due to the ongoing pandemic, the test is supposed to be held online, just like last year’s TCS NQT 2020. So as of the announcements have been made for TCS NQT 2021, and without wasting further time you can click on the link, fill in your details and apply for TCS NQT 2021.

While applying for the NQT you will be given an option in the application asking, whether you are applying for a TCS NINJA Vs TCS DIGITAL profile. Make sure you check both boxes. Now you will be asking why?

Well, the reason is that in case you apply for both profiles and god forbid you don’t clear Technical Interview for the TCS DIGITAL profile, then you will get a chance to appear for TCS NINJA Technical Interview and proceed on. But if you choose only TCS DIGITAL you will not be getting the chance to appear for TCS NINJA Interview.

TCS NQT recruitment procedure consists of three steps:

1. Written Round 

  • DIGITAL & NINJA: This is the first round of TCS NQT and here you will get a total of 92 questions and around three hours to complete. The topics and questions breakup will be like this:
CODING  215mins

Once you clear the Written Round, and you have scored 90% and above in it then you will qualify for the TCS DIGITAL Written Round. All those scoring below 90% will qualify for TCS NINJA Technical Interview Round.

  • DIGITAL:  Now, TCS DIGITAL Written Round will be having the same pattern and same syllabus and the same amount of time dedicated to each section. However, the difficulty level of the questions will increase manifold. Now if you clear the TCS DIGITAL Written Round, you will qualify for TCS DIGITAL Technical Interview Round. But even if you don’t qualify for this written round, you will still have an opportunity to appear for the TCS NINJA Technical Interview.

2. Technical Interview

After you clear the NQT Written Round you will either qualify for TCS DIGITAL Technical Interview Round (for those who clear TCS DIGITAL Written Interview) or TCS NINJA Technical Interview. So let us proceed from here

  • NINJA: In this round, you will be asked questions related to the technologies, programming languages you know. Your knowledge will be tested on basic programming paradigms, algorithms, and other core concepts and subjects. Along with this round, there will be a Managerial Round in which you will be asked questions on set situations and you will be judged on your managerial skills.
  • DIGITAL: Those who qualify TCS DIGITAL Written Test round will qualify for TCS DIGITAL Technical Interview. Since this profile is for a higher package so the candidates will be asked questions related to competitive programming, they will be tested on Data Structures & Algorithms. You need to have a good grasp of any of the current trending technologies like MERN/MEAN Stack, IoT, Big Data and Analytics, etc. This will be a tough round as TCS is looking for exceptionally talented candidates for this profile.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all the rounds will be conducted online so the candidates might be asked to code a problem in front of the interviewer on any coding platform.

3. HR Interview

Those who clear the TCS DIGITAL Technical Interview will qualify for the TCS DIGITAL HR Interview and those who don’t clear will be called for TCS NINJA Technical Interview. Those who qualify TCS NINJA Technical Interview will qualify for the TCS NINJA HR Interview.

TCS Ninja Vs TCS Digital

For both profiles, this round remains the same. In this round, the candidates will be asked simple questions related to their hobbies, likes, dislikes, questions of general awareness. Sometimes it has happened that HR has asked to solve puzzle-related questions, but this happened during the face-to-face interviews.

If the Managerial questions are not asked in the Technical Interview, then candidates need to be prepared for such types of questions here as well.

Those who don’t qualify TCS DIGITAL HR Interview will have the option to appear for TCS NINJA Technical Interview then if they qualify, they can appear for the HR Interview of the same.

So once you have registered for TCS NQT 2021, start preparing for it soon TCS will release the dates for TCS NQT Written Test. For more preparation strategies checkout Coding Ninjas’ roadmap for TCS NQT 2021.

Once you qualify for the Written Test, your application will be shortlisted for the Technical Interview round and you will be informed about the same on your registered mail ID.

After successfully clearing the Technical Interview, you will qualify for an HR Interview. After clearing all three rounds you will receive an offer letter for the post of Assistant System Engineer/System Engineer from TCS, within 10 days from the date of the HR interview.


Suppose you have qualified TCS NQT and have been hired for the TCS NINJA profile, but you are living with the regret of not qualifying for TCS DIGITAL. Then you need to drop away from this regret as you can still qualify for the DIGITAL profile.

Once you have been onboarded by TCS, you will be allowed six attempts to upgrade your profile from NINJA to DIGITAL. TCS conducts internal exams for DIGITAL profile and those who qualify it, their post gets updates to that of a System Engineer. But remember this opportunity is only for those who have joined TCS.


ROLEAssociate System Engineer System Engineer
ELIGIBILITY022,2021, 2020, 2019 Pass out BE, B.Tech, MBA, MCA, ME, M.Tech with 60% marks2022,2021, 2020, 2019 Pass out BE, B.Tech, MBA, MCA, ME, M.Tech with 60% marks(Internal) Associate System Engineer
INDUSTRY Computer hardware, Computer software, IT services, IT consulting, Operations, Maintenance, Testing, or Supply chain.Data Science and Machine Learning, IoT, AI, ML, Big Data, Virtual Reality, BlockChain, NLP, and so on
SKILL SETS NEEDEDAny Coding Language, Aptitude knowledgeCompetitive Programming, DSA, Strong Aptitude Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TCS digital better than TCS Ninja?

Yes, TCS Digital is certainly better than TCS Ninja owing to the compensation offered and the growth opportunities available.

What is TCS Ninja?

TCS Ninja is a recruitment profile offered to a candidate who successfully clears TCS NQT and scores less than 90% but more than the cutoff in the written round/ clear first round of TCS CODEVITA, and subsequently clears all interview rounds.

Is TCS digital and NQT the same?

TCS National Qualifier Test is a hiring event by TCS to recruit freshers. And TCS Digital is a profile offered to candidates who clear score above 90% in the written round of TCS NQT and clear all the further interview rounds. Or qualify second round of TCS CODEVITA.

How hard is TCS Digital?

Nothing is hard if you have thoroughly prepared for it. To be able to clear TCS DIGITAL you need to have good command over Competitive Coding and Aptitude. You can prepare for competitive coding by going to Coding Ninjas’ Codestudio and you can also check out Coding Ninjas’ Competitive Programming course. To prepare for Aptitude checkout Coding Ninjas’ Aptitude preparation course.

Can I switch from TCS Ninja to TCS Digital?

Yes, you can switch from TCS Ninja to TCS Digital by giving the internal up-gradation test once you have been onboarded by TCS.


Get ready for the TCS iBegin if you are experienced professional and looking for a job change.

Now you know about both the profiles offered by TCS for freshers, i.e TCS NINJA Vs TCS DIGITAL. To prepare for the TCS NQT 2021 you can check out the following links:

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