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What Are Placement Assessment Tests and How Are They Beneficial?

Aditya kumar
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2023


As the placement session has arrived, each and every day is going to be very unpredictable for all the students who are preparing for Job Interviews. Some might get selected in an on-campus interview, some might get rejected, some might clear a job assessment test and some might fail it.

But there is only one thing that will be consistent among all of these students: their hunger to succeed and their dedication to preparing the best for the interviews. 

placement assessment tests

The process of preparing for a job interview can be tiresome and exhausting as there is no syllabus and the open-end nature of these tests make it more difficult than they appear. One can expect to encounter a new question in every interview or one can also get all the questions that one has already done previously.

So there cannot be any limit on how many questions or problems you solve but you can always get your concepts and preparation validated and what better way to get it tested. Here is where the Placement Assessment Tests come into play. Now let’s understand what these Placement Assessment Tests are.

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What is a Placement Assessment Test?

The placement Assessment Test is a test to know how well we are prepared for Placement Tests for different companies. 

As we know that the placement test is open-ended in nature, there can be any concept that can be asked and there can be any problem that can be asked, so there is no fixed syllabus for which one has to prepare. This is where the placement assessment test helps us, it helps us to know how well we can do in a placement test. 

A Placement Assessment Test is a time-bound test that contains separate sections and each section contains a single category of questions. Each section can be time-bound as well. It is not compulsory that each section has equal time. Time to each section is allocated based on its difficulty and the number of questions in that section.

There can be some kind of proctoring on a Placement Assessment test, some can be video proctored, some can be both video and audio proctored and some can even be screen proctored. This ensures that you have a placement test type of environment.

Why do We Need a Placement Assessment Test?

Placement Assessment Tests are becoming more popular with time. As time is evolving the companies are evolving in the process of how they hire people. Some companies prefer hiring students through a hackathon, whereas others prefer hiring students through placement tests. But one thing that is not evolving over time is the root values of a company that was, are, and always will be the same. 

So each company has its own set of technologies, skill sets, and concepts on which they test the candidates to know how well they will be able to perform in the company. 

Placement Assessment Tests will help us to understand how well we know a certain concept and based on that how well we will be able to appear in the placement test of a certain company. 

Placement Assessment Test at Coding Ninjas

Coding Ninjas also provides a placement assessment test. The test is designed to help students know how well they are prepared for the placement test and which companies they can crack in their present level of preparation. 

The Placement Assessment Test at Coding Ninjas is a 3-hour long test that comprises a total of 3 sections. 

Section 1: Contains Multiple Choice Questions regarding programming and different computer concepts like DBMS or OS.

Section 2: Contains Questions based on Aptitude concepts that are frequently asked in Placement Interviews.

Section 3: Contains Coding Questions based on Data Structures and Algorithms. These questions can be answered in any language out of C, C++, JAVA, or Python, based on whichever language the candidate is comfortable writing code in.

The test is completely free of cost unlike many other placement assessment tests out there and there is no limit on how many times you should take this test. But it is suggested that once you take this test you should at least prepare or wait for a few months before taking up this test again. This will not only give you time to prepare but will also help you to understand even if you are following the right preparation path or not. 

The result of the test is a comprehensive report which tells you:

  1. The Total number of questions
  2. The total number of questions attempted
  3. Total number of unattempted questions
  4. Partially Attempted Questions
  5. Total number of skipped questions
  6. Total score out of 100
  7. Percentile Scored
  8. Total Time Taken to attempt the test

Based on this report you can judge how well you have scored and how well you have scored in comparison to other students by looking at the percentile. The higher the percentile, the better you have performed in comparison to other students. A 100 percentile shows that you have performed best out of all the students who have attempted the test. 

The second part of the report is the scale, the scale is used to measure your capability to clear a company’s test based on the scorecard of your test. Each company has been allocated to a certain scale. So based on the score that you get in the test you are told the companies whose placement test you can clear with your present preparation. 

But this placement assessment test at coding ninjas only assesses your capabilities on three parameters are Multiple Choice Questions, Aptitude Questions, and Coding Questions. But there are companies that also ask qualitative questions as well as verbal reasoning questions in their tests. So one must always prepare accordingly so that he can excel in that specific company’s test. 

Other than that you get personalized advice on how to improve your preparation as well as a recommendation for non-tech preparation. These can prove very helpful while revamping your skill set to improve your domain knowledge as well as the core concepts. 

Benefits of Placement Assessment Test 

There are certain benefits of a placement assessment test:

  1. One gets to know how well he has prepared.
  2. You get to know how well you can perform under performance pressure and time constraints.
  3. You get to know your weak spots as well as your strengths. Weak Spots is where you have to work more and the strengths you can use to your benefit in interviews.
  4. Some placement assessment tests are also acknowledged by companies directly. If you score well in these assessment tests, you can directly get an interview offer with the company or you can use these assessment scores in the future to bypass any placement test.
  5. The placement assessment tests can prove to be a time saver when you have very little time to prepare for the placement tests and you cannot waste your time in unnecessary surfing and content exploring.
  6. You get the gist of the level of questions that can be asked in a placement test and how well you can respond to a certain level of questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the test be?

The Placement Assessment Test on Coding Ninjas is 3 hours long.

What kind of questions will be asked in the test?

There are 3 sections in the Placement Assessment Test. Section 1 contains 10 Multiple choice questions. Section 2 contains 10 Questions Based on Aptitude. Section 3 contains 10 coding questions on Data Structures and Algorithms.

Can I take the test on my phone?

No you can not take the test on your phone, if you take the test on your phone the small size of font may take up your time and this might not give results upto your true potential. As well as the test contains coding questions which you will not be able to solve on a phone.

I am not sure / not confident that whether I should take the test?

One cannot know until one takes the test. Take the test, try your best and based on the result decide what is your prep level. A higher percentile will show that you are ready whereas a low percentile will tell you that you need more effort.

What if only a few test cases pass in a coding problem?

If you attempt any coding question and only a few test cases pass, then that question will be counted as a partially correct answer and you will be evaluated based on the test cases that you have passed but certainly, you will not be getting the entire designated points for that question.

What if I lose my network connection while the test is going on?

If this happens, you can resume the test by joining an internet connection as soon as possible but the timer will not stop. So if you lose connectivity in between the test, it will not affect your test directly but will make you lose time which indeed can cause you to fall short of time at the end of the test.

How many times can I give the test?

You can take this test as many times as you want, but if you give this test and do not score a good amount of marks then it is suggested to wait for a few months and boost up your preparation. Then retake this test to know how well you have prepared.

I have more than 2 years of experience but want to move to a better company. Should I give this test?

You should definitely take this test. As you have a two-year experience, there are high chances that your basic concepts might have gotten a bit sluggish, so just prepare for them and take the test.

How do you predict which company I will get placed in?

This is the proprietary technology that Coding Ninja uses to tell you which company falls right into your pot. Several parameters are taken into consideration as the number of questions answered, the average time to answer each question, the difficulty of questions solved and how accurately did you solve these questions, all this is taken into consideration, then it is compared with some standard results and this tells you which company you can crack.

I am not a BTech student, can I still take this test?

As coding can be learned by anyone, similarly this test can be taken by anyone. But if you are not aware of coding constructs, then I would recommend you to not take this test as it might not give satisfactory results.

I am not from a computer science background. Will this test work for me?

Yes, this test will evaluate the same as it will evaluate all the candidates irrespective of their streams. A non-Computer Science Student can expect to get the same result or even better than a Computer Science student as this test measures your capability which is irrespective of your stream.

I do not agree with the results of this test, what can I do?

If you feel like there is any discrepancy between the results, you can contact the Coding Ninjas team and they will try to solve your queries.


In a nutshell, I would like to request you all to take this placement assessment test as soon as possible to save your time as well guide your preparation in the right direction.

At this point in time, each and every student is putting up his best efforts to excel in the placement test but to get an extra edge over all such students one must always keep a track of their preparation to know how ready they are to take up the challenge.

So, choose a smart path to give your hard work a flair of success and give your career a kickstart with a job of your choice.

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