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Top 10 Wipro HR Interview Questions

Kushleen Waraich
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2022
Wipro HR interview questions


Wipro is one of the largest Indian companies that provide IT services. The company is also involved with Business Process Outsourcing, networks-security, and infrastructure development. It is an amazing company to work at and provides an ample amount of scope to grow. 

Wipro is an MNC and is involved with dozens of valuable foreign projects. This is especially helpful to all the candidates who wish to get global exposure and field experience. Here are the top Wipro HR interview questions and their sample answers. These will definitely help you.

Common Wipro HR Interview Questions

Here are some common HR interview questions from Wipro along with example answers:

  • Can you briefly tell us about yourself? Mention something that is not in your resume in 20 seconds.

Example Answer: My name is A and I have finished my graduation from X University. I wish to join the Z sector and I have tried my best to gain the necessary skills for this domain. I have 2 years of work experience (or no work experience) and have a deployed project based on Y. I have finished my schooling at X Higher Secondary School and my hobbies are reading books, swimming and playing the guitar. I also love playing and watching football.

To be Noted: One should be careful about what one answers as the next questions will be based on this. For example, if you have mentioned a hobby, a skill or a project, you might be getting questions related to those. Thus, one must prepare what to say and be ready to answer questions associated with the things you mention. Also, since this is not a technical interview, one should not go into technical details and the HR interviewer generally does not want that.

  • What would be your strongest points?

Example Answer: My strongest points would be dedication, loyalty and enthusiasm. I also try to be humble, honest and as collaborative as possible. Cooperation is necessary and I love teamwork. My friends (or colleagues) have mentioned that I have a likeable personality and I believe that I have good communication skills. I also believe in goals and I am dedicated to achieving them. It is not great to compliment yourself, but I believe that I would be a good fit for the corporate culture and I have a positive attitude. I am also confident in my work and I maintain the integrity of my initial tasks.

To be Noted: One should not be too overconfident or speak too well about themselves, however, interviews wish to hear that you are goal-oriented and confident about your skills. Being humble is great but you must also get your greatest strengths across. Employers want loyal, honest and cooperative employees, thus, it is in one’s best interest to talk about these factors. One should never say that they work better than others or are faster than others. This seems disrespectful and is not the quality of a good leader. One should try to disguise one or two strong points as a weakness and humbly put those across as well. This will make the interviews think of you as a humble and honest candidate.

  • Why do you want to work in Wipro?

Example Answer: Wipro is a huge MNC and it would make me incredibly proud to work in a conglomerate such as this. This is an amazing company and most of the employees that I have come across have only good things to say about their experience in Wipro. I believe that I will also get a lot of industry exposure as Wipro handles multiple foreign projects and has a global presence. The company is also a very old company and has a very good track record, I wish to truly be a part of this. I believe that I will get incredible opportunities while working in Wipro and I would like to think that I have a very bright future in this company. More than anything, I would love to work in an Indian giant such as Wipro.

To be Noted: Do not only talk about the strong points of Wipro as the interviewers already know that. Instead, speak about why you would want to join the company and what you expect from the company. Do not speak about salary packages.

  • Why should we choose you?

Example Answer: I would not say that I am better than all the candidates that you have interviewed as I do not know anything about their skills. However, I can speak for myself and I can assure you that I would work very hard. I am dedicated, honest and loyal. I also am very goal-oriented and I take my assigned tasks very seriously. I work with team members very well and I am a people person. I like working with others and helping out wherever needed. More than anything, I am confident about the things I know or the skills I have learnt, however, I am always open to learning new things. I also wish to work in Wipro for a long time and would not cause the company any trouble while working on a project.

To be Noted: Be humble and never compare yourself with others, however, put your strong points across again. Try to state why it would be a good idea for the company to hire you. Also, mention that you intend to stick to the company.

  • What are your weaknesses?

Example Answer: I am very goal-oriented and I push my team too hard sometimes, however, once the goal is achieved, they definitely do not mind anymore.

To be Noted: Switch the question around in a way that you end up disguising a strong point as a weakness. Do not mention any other thing as this is generally a trick question that is intended to bring out your reaction. Do not ever mention any flaws, instead, try thinking about the question a bit and stick to a strong point that can be disguised as a weakness.

  • Do you know what skills are required for the job role? What skills do you have?

Example Answer: Yes, I have gone through the job roles and responsibilities very thoroughly and I believe I have an understanding of what is required. I have also done some additional research and identified the daily tasks one needs to do for this job. This particular job requires me to handle X, Y, Z and other associated tasks. My responsibility will be to see that A, B and C are operational/progressing. I have gone through several modules to learn X and Y skills due to not having extensive experience, however, I have other skills such as A, B, C, D, E, F and experience with X and Y technologies.

To be Noted: To answer this question well, one must first go through the job requirements properly from the job portal. One must also research a bit in order to find out what are the daily job roles of the job you are applying to. You must also mention what skills you already had and what additional preparation you have gone through in order to satisfy the job requirements.

  • Can you handle pressure and how do you work under stress?

Example Answer: Due to being very serious about my academics/certifications/training/ job, I am used to being under pressure and I am also good with multi-tasking. I try to passively transfer the stress through working hard and using my free time to pursue my hobbies. This helps me deal with daily stress and I am able to work with the same energy on the next day. I do not mind pressure and I am good with deadlines.

To be noted: This question is a tricky question and one must never react negatively to stress or pressure. One should act like this is a common thing and that one is ready to work under stress. Companies want employees who do not bend under pressure and hamper the workflow.

  • Do you like collaboration and teamwork?

Example Answer: Yes, I absolutely love working with a team. One can learn a lot from their team and their peers. Collaboration makes things easy and fun as well.

To be Noted: One should only speak positive things about teamwork. Employers want to know if the candidate can work with teams as it is absolutely crucial for corporate jobs.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Example Answer: I see myself working in Wipro as a project manager (or a senior developer/specialist) in 5 years. I truly wish to stay in the company and grow with it. 

To be Noted: Never mention other companies or something like having your own business. Employers want long-term employees who wish to grow with the company while helping the company grow at the same time. This is a trick question meant to identify your end goal.

  • Do you have any questions for us?

Example Answer: I would love to know more about the work culture and what other things that this position entails. I am sure there is much information that is not available online and I would love to have some insight into the position and how my daily routine would be like. I am also excited to learn about Wipro, any interesting facts or stories would be great!

To be Noted: Research a bit about what you can ask and only ask questions about your position or the company. Never ask about the salary or work location while answering Wipro HR interview questions.

HR Interview Tips

Here are some additional tips that will help you crack Wipro telephonic interview questions, online interview questions, and even offline interview questions:

  • Always be polite.
  • Always mind your manners and greet your interviewers.
  • Never speak badly about ex-employers or colleagues.
  • Do not seem fidgety and give your all for the interview.
  • Do not act disinterested but do not act desperate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you know about Wipro HR questions?

Wipro HR questions are designed to evaluate the personality of candidates and if they will be a good fit for this huge MNC.

What are the HR questions asked in an interview?

You can find out the questions asked by checking Wipro HR interview questions for experienced or Wipro HR interview questions for freshers, depending on your requirement. Additionally, you can also search for Wipro HR interview questions in Quora or Wipro HR interview questions in Glassdoor.

How can I prepare for the Wipro interview?

If you are a fresher, you can prepare by checking Wipro HR interview questions and answers for freshers 2020 or by checking Wipro HR interview questions and answers for freshers 2021. If you are experienced, you can prepare from common Wipro interview questions and answers for experienced professionals.

Why should we hire you for Wipro?

One must state their skills and the good traits that one has in order to answer this question properly.

Is Wipro a good company?

Wipro is one of the largest Indian MNCs in the world and regularly ranks in Fortune 2000. The company also offers a great work environment and provides its employees with plenty of opportunities.

Is cracking Wipro HR interviews hard?

It is not hard but it will not be very easy. A decent level of preparation is required to crack Wipro HR interviews.

How much preparation does one need for HR interviews?

One only needs to prepare the answers for HR interviews. This process might take only a day or two.

Can any graduate join Wipro?

Yes, but you must have the necessary skills. Also, there are many domains that you can choose from.

Can freshers join Wipro?

Yes, Wipro is one of the largest recruiters for freshers.


Due to the reputation of the company, Wipro must filter its candidates well. Thus, the HR interviews are conducted accordingly and one requires a bit of preparation before sitting for the same. 

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