Support Vector Machine (SVM)
Support Vector Machines are supervised machine learning algorithms that are particularly efficient for large numbers of samples. Learn how to put it into practice through applications.
Implementing Support Vector Machine
By Akshat Chaturvedi
● Published At Dec 2021
In this blog, we’ll implement the support vector machine model using a breast cancer dataset. The task is to classify if a person has Breast Cancer or not from the given features.... Keep reading ..
Understanding the idea behind Kernels
By Akshat Chaturvedi
● Published At Nov 2021
In this blog, we’ll learn about the idea behind Kernels in SVM. The primary technique to develop a more complex non-linear classifier is by using Kernels. So let’s explore the Kernels in-depth with this blog.... Keep reading ..
SVM Hyperparameter Tuning using GridSearchCV
By Toohina Barua
● Published At Dec 2021
This blog aims to understand the theoretical and practical implementation of SVM hyperparameter tuning using GridSearchCV.... Keep reading ..