Security Metrics
In this blog series, we’re going to learn about some Security Metrics concepts in Cyber Law and Security such as Cyber Law, IPR, Patent law, and Cybercrimes.
Cyber Law
By Sacksham Sharma
● Published At Mar 2022
In this article, we have extensively discussed Cyberlaw for security and their types and why they are essential in our daily lives and organizations. ... Keep reading ..
Intellectual Property Rights
By Vaibhav Agarwal
● Published At Mar 2022
In this article, we will discuss the introduction of intellectual property rights and their types, along with some advantages of intellectual property rights, and discuss in detail intellectual property in Cyberspace. ... Keep reading ..
Patent Law
By Apoorv Dixit
● Published At Apr 2022
This article will explain what patent law is and how it came into effect in India. We will also discuss how to file a patent and other related details.... Keep reading ..
Cyber Crimes and its Types
By devika varshney
● Published At May 2022
In this blog, we will cover the concept of cyber Crimes & types. We will then understand the impact of cybercrime on society and how to fight against it.... Keep reading ..
Copyright Law
By Shiva
● Published At Apr 2022
This article informs the reader about the various rights and the protection of an original creator's Intellectual Property. ... Keep reading ..