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Python is a popular programming language among programmers. It is simple, has numerous applications, and is widely used in the Artificial Intelligence domain. Learn about Python's use cases, applications, programming, and everything else there is to know about it.
Python has an infinite number of applications and is extremely versatile. In this section, you can learn about its popular IDEs, versions, implementation, and interesting features.
Python Exclusive
Learn about simple and versatile data types such as Tuples and Dictionary, as well as method implementations and useful Python packages that can be used to reduce complexity.
Data Structures in Python
Aside from the standard data structures such as arrays, trees, and stacks, Python has its own data structures such as Lists, Tuples, Sets, and Diction
Exception Handling
Errors are every programmer's worst nightmare. If there is an error, innovation is stymied. Learn how to handle and resolve various types of Python errors and complications.
Control Flow in Python
A structured control flow of code is always required to reduce extra load and lines of code. Control statements help to simplify the code by allowing you to run multiple operations in just a few lines of code. In this section, you'll learn about control flow statements in Python.
Functions in Python
Functions and methods are critical components of any programming language, whether Python or another. A function simplifies and automates any task or operation in a few lines of code. There is no need to write lines of code over and over; simply call the function to simplify the code flow with fewer complexities.
OOPs in Python
Every programmer understands that object oriented programming is the foundation of any well-planned and systematic code base. In this section, you will learn about OOP concepts and the implementation of classes, attributes, and calling them in Python.
GUI Applications with Python
Who said Python couldn't be used to create interactive apps and high-performance graphical user interfaces? (GUI). Tkinter, Pyglet, and PyGame are some of the most popular libraries for creating graphics and animation, resulting in cool games created entirely with Python and library methods!
Tkinter Library
One of the most popular libraries for Graphical User Interface applications, which allows users to create interactive applications, games, and much mo
Pyautogui is another popular Python library for creating interactive platforms between the system and humans. It is entirely Python-based and focuses
Pyglet is yet another Python library that can be used to create multimedia applications, graphics, and interactive windows. This is also widely used i
PyGame is a collection of modules that includes methods and functions designed specifically for multimedia works such as graphics and sound. It is onl
Kivy is a new and free open source framework based on python language. It is a Framework that is used in making apps - mobile with touch (multi) featu
Binding of cross-platform GUI framework, called Qt, PyQt is though a python plug-in is based on C++ tools or libraries that are used in the developmen
Special Python Modules
Python is a highly versatile programming language that, in addition to algorithms and graphics, has a plethora of other modules and packages that can work on a wide range of domains such as math, data structures, file handling, runtime environment, and much more.
Web with Python
Working on web applications and scraping data from the web can be a breeze with Python, especially when we have libraries that are simple and highly productive, such as Django, Flask, Scrapy, and others. Learn how to use Python to build the backend of a website and scrape data using Python's built-in libraries.
Web Scraping
To begin working on the web, its applications, and domains such as Machine Learning and Data Analysis, a specific range of data collection is required
Flask is a popular Python framework for web development. It is simple to use and has a variety of methods that can aid in the smooth operation of web
Requests is a Python library that handles HTTP-based requests. It handles and operates extremely well for any type of HTTP request or operation. Disco
Django is yet another Python-based web framework with a large collection of modules and templates that can be integrated with other web technologies f
Testing Frameworks in Python
Python is one of the most commonly used languages among programmers and developers. While we are developing, we usually require need to test our programs. No matter how long or short they are. But mostly this part is ignored. But a good software programmer should have a habit of testing its program, so here we will be telling you about various tools or frameworks that are used in python to test our program. They are pretty popular and used by many on different occasions. 
Miscellaneous in Python
Covering various concepts in python, here we will deal with many topics which can't be categorized as one. These are important topics and you may not find them useful now but will be quite useful in the longer run. Here, we will be dealing with socket programming and multi-threading and how they are used inter-related. Further, we will also be talking about a new type of programming. 
Turtle Programming using Python
Just like python is full of surprises and features, One of its special features is Turtle. Turtle makes it easy to draw on the board. Then comes, Turt
Python Projects
Python has grown famous as a programming language for creating various projects, from web applications to machine learning models. Python's simplicity, readability, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for beginning programmers, while its vast libraries and frameworks allow advanced developers to create complex and sophisticated projects. Python's versatility also allows it to be used in various fields, such as finance, healthcare, and robotics. Overall, Python's broad capabilities and applications have made it a must-have tool for developers worldwide. This section will cover various Python projects, including GUI games, Machine Learning models, tools, and more.
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