Object-Oriented Software Design
When we focus more on data rather than functions, we are adopting an object-oriented system design approach. Here we deal with our system as a composition of many independent real-world entities called objects that intercommunicate with different methods. In this section, we will discuss different strategies of object-oriented system design.
Unified Modeling Language(UML)
By Sneha Mallik
● Published At Mar 2022
This blog covers the concept of Unified Modeling Language in detail. We will discuss the purpose of UML and the diagrams associated with it. ... Keep reading ..
Class diagram
By Aditya kumar
● Published At Feb 2022
In this article, we will learn about the class diagram.... Keep reading ..
Object Diagram
By Pranay Chauhan
● Published At Feb 2022
This blog will cover the concepts of object diagrams used to render a set of objects and their relationships as an instance.... Keep reading ..
Component Diagram
By Aman Kumar Singh
● Published At Feb 2022
In this article, we are going to discuss Component Diagrams.... Keep reading ..
Activity diagram
● Published At Feb 2022
This article discusses the UML activity diagram.... Keep reading ..
Sequence Diagram
By Yukti Kumari
● Published At Feb 2022
This article explains the topic sequence diagram, its advantages, use cases and notations. ... Keep reading ..
UML - Use Case Diagram
By Divyansh Jain
● Published At May 2022
In the following article, you will get a brief knowledge about the Use-Case Diagram, and you will learn to draw a Use-Case Diagram. ... Keep reading ..
State Diagram
By Pakhi Garg
● Published At Apr 2022
This article incorporates a state diagram in detail.... Keep reading ..
Timing Diagram
By Apoorv Dixit
● Published At Mar 2022
The article discusses Timing Diagram followed by its characteristics, basic concepts, real-world examples, benefits, and drawbacks.... Keep reading ..
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Top Problems related to Object-Oriented Software Design