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Myths Debunked: College Placements, CGPA & More

Samikshya Sarangi
Last Updated: Jan 4, 2023


College students usually ignore the thin line between myth and reality. The lack of proper guidance and misinformation further deepens such myths and misleads the student. The notion that CGPA doesn’t matter much often makes students less committed to academics. While in reality, CGPA is the first requirement to get shortlisted in any company.


Myths about Placements, CGPA, Societies, Projects are cleared below:

1. Importance of CGPA and related myths:

CGPA sure matters for shortlisting. Hence, do not pay heed to stuff like “CGPA doesn’t matter” because it is depressing to get rejected without even appearing for an interview. Maintain a decent CGPA of 8+. But along with a good CGPA companies also need development skills like full stack development, knowledge of Web or Mobile development, or knowledge of at least one cutting-edge technology like Machine LearningArtificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc.

2. Role of college clubs & societies in placement 

In technical jobs, societies don’t help much. In managerial/non-technical job roles it sure does. Two things that really help in technical jobs are DSA and personal projects. You can get a technical job even if you have not been a part of any society. 

Society is surely helpful in personality development, in enhancing your communication, teamwork and time management skills. So, join the society of your choice in the first year of your college and give it a try, explore various dynamics. But if you can’t manage then quit without giving much thought. Drop it if you find it too time-consuming or if you are unable to manage academics along with society.

Join societies if you want to diversify your outlook and only if you are interested in engaging yourself to do some work out of your domain. If you are looking for a core engineering placement relevant to your own stream, first work hard on DSA and projects and be great in that, and only then try your hand in college societies.

3. Right Time to Prepare for Placements

It is a common myth among college students that only 2-4 months of pre-placement preparation is sufficient to land a good job. Though it might be easy for some people, it is very less probable. Hence, there is no right time to start your preparation. Start right now. Usually, a consistent effort for at least 6-8 months is required to get through placement. Start with learning a language, get hold of the syntax and keep practicing DSA every day.

4. Right approach to develop projects in college

College projects are extremely important. In college, one gets plenty of resources and opportunity to ponder on some great ideas, plan the execution and start the development. Never google or ask from seniors or copy code from an open-source no matter how hard it may seem. Keep trying and keep learning.

You have ample amount of time in college to work on the skills and do your project. You never know when your college project can lead to a startup and generate revenue for you. Make people use your project. Even if 50 people use your project it is a great accomplishment. Host your projects on open source and keep developing and enhancing them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a low GPA and I can’t improve it now in the ending semester. What should I do?

Think from the perspectives of developing skills and increasing your knowledge in the domain of your interest, for example, cloud computing or web development. A GPA without a resume will not take you anywhere but a good resume even without a GPA can take you places.

Who should definitely engage in college society?

College societies and clubs matters in building your profile and your overall personality development. If you’re interested in pursuing business studies or looking for a job related to managerial roles, society participation is highly needed as it contributes largely to building your network and enhances your teamwork ability and leadership skills.

How important are college projects?

When you appear for an interview in tech giants, the focus of the interviewer will be on your personal projects. It shows that you are resourceful, creative and would go out of your way for personal growth. It reflects your dedication to your domain. So, try to work at least on two technical projects – be it building a website, an Android app, a machine learning model etc.

Is 7 a good CGPA in btech if I want to go for masters?

When it comes to academic profiles, a CGPA of 7.5–8.0 and a GRE score of 315–320 are always recommended in order to be accepted into top universities for MS programs in science and technology.


To conclude, pay no heeds to college myths and in case of any doubts and dilemmas always refer to some trusted sources. Maintain a decent CGPA of 8+ to be eligible for each and every company. Work hard on your projects and never copy from any external sources. There is no right time to start off your placement preparation. Start as soon as you get hold of the syntax of any one programming language.

Lastly, participate in college societies only if you can manage it well along with your academics. Most importantly, practice at least 300+ DSA problems and keep brushing and upgrading your problem-solving skills.


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