Minimum Spanning Tree(MST)
The spanning tree's cost is equal to the sum of the weights of all the tree's edges. Many spanning trees are possible. The spanning tree with the lowest cost among all the spanning trees is known as the minimum spanning tree. There can also be a large number of minimal spanning trees.
Properties of Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)
● Published At Dec 2021
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Kruskal's Algorithm
By Shreya Deep
● Published At Oct 2021
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General Problems
We will discuss how to solve different types of questions based on MST: 1. Conceptual questions based on MST, 2. How to find the weight of the minimum spanning tree given the graph, 3. How many minimum spanning trees are possible using Kruskal’s algorithm for a given graph, 4. Out of given sequences, which one is not the sequence of edges added to the MST using Kruskal’s algorithm.
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