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How to Prepare for Service-Based Companies with Coding Ninjas

Kushleen Waraich
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2022
How to Prepare for Service-Based Companies with Coding Ninjas


TCS, Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL etc. are all service-based companies offering Software as a service, IT as a service, CRM, IT maintenance, IT development and other business process outsourcing services. So, when it comes to applying for these companies, one must approach matters with the core objectives of these companies in mind.

These companies think differently. Compared to product-based companies that only focus on developing their own products and then simply sustaining them, service-based companies are built around clients and businesses. Service-based companies must be flexible, must employ enormous workforces and rely on a lot of teamwork.

This is why, when preparing for both technical assessments and HR interview sessions of service-based companies, one must take a different approach than the traditional preparatory regime for product-based companies.

Preparing for Service-based Companies

Service-based companies are the mass recruiters in campus placements and generally employ freshers for support projects. Freshers generally do not get to select their domain; however, if you clear recruitment tests such as TCS National Qualifier Test, Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt or TCS GenC Elevate, then you can get the opportunity to choose your domain and the job role of your choice.

This is why taking the help of a preparatory course such as the service-based course offered by Coding Ninjas is important. Coding Ninjas also ensures that you stay updated about all the national-level placement tests that you can sit for through our blogs.

However, other learning and then practising the course material, you can additionally do the following to secure your desired job role in a company such as IBM, TCS, Capgemini, Infosys or Cognizant:

  • Practise business communication, grammar and verbal skills
  • Try out logical problems and other aptitude questions whenever you find the time
  • Check previous papers or exam patterns for service-based companies
  • Learn about the company properly and study its business operations and the IT services it provides
  • Practise as many coding problems as you can
  • Revise foundational computing topics

Here are the requirements to crack service-based company interviews

  • Logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude and verbal ability
  • Solving problems within the stipulated time
  • Understanding of foundational mathematical concepts
  • Foundational programming skills in Java, Python or C++
  • Writing clean code and solving coding problems
  • In-depth knowledge of computer science and programming concepts such as OOPS, control statements, OS and loops

Coding Ninjas and the Service-based Companies Course

The service-based companies’ course features Arun Sharma, author of one of the best preparatory books for CAT. He is also an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and has been cracking CAT for more than 19 years with a 99.9% percentile. Arun Sharma will be in charge of the aptitude preparation of the students enrolled on this course. Other than that, Ankush Singhla, who is also a founder of Coding Ninjas and has experience working in Amazon and Facebook, will be heading the programming topics. Ankush Singhla is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and Stanford University.

The course will definitely help you crack service-based company recruitment drives and examinations such as NQT or ENTH with ease. Not only does the course help you with coding skills or programming languages, but also helps improve your quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning preparation.

Here are the programming topics that will be covered

  • Flowcharts
  • Variables and Datatypes
  • Conditional Statements
  • While loops
  • Patterns
  • For loops
  • Functions
  • Introduction to Arrays
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Strings
  • 2D Arrays

Here are the aptitude topics that will be covered

  • Introduction to Number System
  • Progressions
  • HCF and LCM
  • Averages
  • Alligations
  • Percentages
  • Ratio, Proportion and Variation
  • Profit and Loss
  • Time and Work
  • Probability
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Introduction to Time, Speed and Distance
  • Relative Speed
  • Application of TSD
  • Recognising Patterns
  • Syllogisms
  • Blood relation and calendars

Here are the English and logical topics that will be covered:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence completion/Fill in the blanks
  • Vocabulary, Antonym and Synonyms
  • Basic Concept of Data Interpretation
  • Charts
  • Log
  • Mensuration

How Coding Ninjas can Help?

Coding Ninjas can help you in a variety of ways through the preparation course for service-based companies.

Here are some benefits:

  • Learn from experienced faculty such as Arun Sharma & Ankush Singla
  • Live mentors who can help you and motivate you
  • One-on-one doubt support through screen-sharing and audio or video calls
  • Extensive real-time support and get access to an experienced team of over 2000 professionals with industry experience
  • Mock interviews and mock tests
  • Workshops and projects for building up your resume
  • Guidance sessions
  • Feedbacks and personalised interview problems
  • Pause your course up to 60 days if you need a break
  • Gain an industry-recognised certification
  • Become a part of the slack community (industry)

Other than these, you can also opt for a 2-month long free course extension. You also get enormous assistance in portfolio building (Github and LinkedIn) and get the chance to sit for multiple mock interviews to qualify technical interviews. You will also be encouraged to schedule sessions with placements firms and your mentors who are associated with companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. These mentors have more than 2 to up to 8 years of experience as middle-level and senior-level SDEs; thus, they will be highly suitable for helping you throughout your journey into a service-based company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are service-based jobs?

Service-based jobs are the jobs that are not focused on the product but on the process instead. Rather than helping companies in producing their own products, service-based jobs support existing processes and the business operations of clients.

Which is the best service-based IT company?

This is a tricky question as some sources would definitely agree that IBM is still the largest and the best service-based company in the world with more than 300 offices and 3,45,000 employees. However, in terms of employees, TCS is massive with over 5,28,748 employees. In terms of revenue from projects and the number of projects, Accenture can also be declared as one of the best service-based IT companies in the world currently.

Which is the no. 1 company in the world?

The no.1 company in the world, according to Fortune 500, is Walmart. Walmart is closely followed by Amazon and then Apple, both of which are trillion-dollar companies. However, in terms of valuation, Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are much more valuable than Walmart.

Which is the no. 1 company in India?

When it comes to IT, TCS is definitely the number 1 company in India; however, in general, especially in terms of revenue and total reach, Reliance Industries Limited is definitely the number one company in India. Reliance Industries is also a Fortune 500 company and ranked 155 this year.

How to switch from Infosys to a product-based company?

In order to switch from a service-based company such as Infosys to a product-based company, one must try to aim for product-based companies for freshers such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft and prepare for the interviews with the help of the Coding Ninjas product-based course.

What are service-based companies?

Service-based companies are the companies that do not focus on the development and production of their own products but rather focus on providing their clients or customers with services which they also sustain, support and upgrade.

What are some service-based company examples?

Here is a service-based companies list of all the important names recruiting software engineers and developers in India:

  • TCS
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • Cognizant
  • Capgemini
  • Wipro
  • HCL
  • Tech Mahindra

How to prepare for service-based companies?

The skills required for service-based companies and their interviews are quantitative aptitudes, programming skills, logical reasoning and verbal ability.

Which is better, a product-based company or a service-based company?

It fundamentally depends on what you are looking for. Some feel more comfortable working in a product-based company even though the project or process is unstable. Meanwhile, even though service-based companies are stricter in terms of office timings and regulations, many professionals feel satisfied with the promise of process stability.


A services-based company seems like a dream for many people out there, especially due to these companies offering long-term stability and appreciating teamwork. Unlike their service-based counterparts, product-based companies cannot offer their employees the same amount of stability and quite often find themselves out of projects to offer to their junior developers.

Meanwhile, service-based companies offer great learning curves for junior associates who get assigned to support existing processes, thus gaining domain experience from their first few months of work.

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