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How to Pass Amazon Online Coding Test in 2023?

Vaibhav Agarwal
Last Updated: Mar 11, 2023


Amazon hires aggressively through various testing platforms. The shortlisting and testing process is referred to as one of the toughest among the tech giants. It organises an online coding test in the initial rounds to shortlist from a pool of talented candidates.

Amazon is one of the largest tech giants in the world and it aggressively recruits for multiple roles around the year. You can also refer to the buzz word one of them as in FAANG means Amazon. Being one of the leading internet companies we all know how widely we all use Amazon’s services on a daily basis and designing such state-of-the-art systems requires really smart people.

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Eligibility criteria for Amazon Online Coding Test

Amazon hires year-round and there will be multiple times when there is a vacancy in Amazon. Anyone can apply for this role with relevant skills in coding and although it also somewhat depends on the role you are applying for. In the case of on-campus hiring, the candidates must be of CS/IT or circuit or relevant branch and must not have been interviewed by Amazon in the last six months.

Apart from colleges, the hiring challenge can be organised in various platforms starting from HackerEarth, code chef etc, and the eligibility remains the same that Amazon must not have interviewed the candidate in the last six months.

Exam Pattern for Amazon Online Coding Test 2023

Amazon has quite a similar pattern of testing when it comes to hiring but may change according to the particular role. For the Software Development Engineer role, an initial coding round is taken on various platforms comprising of 3-4 questions of easy to medium difficulty. In on-campus hiring, mostly Amazon takes a coding round along with an aptitude and psychometric round.

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Previously Asked Questions in Amazon Online Coding Test

The online coding round includes following important topics:

  • Number Theory
    • This includes basic number theory problems even starting from GCD, LCM, modulo operations, Fermat’s theorem etc.
    • You can also follow some number theory problem from Coding Ninjas Course for learning in-depth about these concepts.
  • Greedy Algorithm
  • Binary Search
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Hash tables, maps
  • Trees, BST
  • Graph algorithms like DFS, BFS, Dijkstra

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Prerequisites for Amazon Online Coding Test

This includes strong skills in data structures and algorithms. Most of the problems will include support for multiple languages. Any popular language can be used for this as the platforms provide support for JavaCPP, C, Python, JavaScript and a few more.

How to apply for Amazon Online Coding Test?

There are many ways to get to the coding round test:

  • On-campus opportunity: reach out to your placement cell for Amazon on-campus opportunity.
  • Referrals: reach out to recruiters or present software development working at Amazon and ask for referrals.
  • Participate in coding contests where Amazon is a hiring partner and perform well to get an interview call from Amazon.

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Preparation strategy Amazon Online Coding Test

Do practise all the important topics given before and also strategy practising from Leetcode. Ideally, there is no number but you can try practising 30-40 questions from each topic and it will be enough for most of the hiring challenges.

One of the hiring challenges by Amazon on HackerEarth had two questions of medium-hard difficulty, one was based on direct application of insertion sort and other problem was a relatively hard based on graphs.

Personally, for an on-campus interview there were two coding questions, one was easy based on number of subsets and another was a direct application of Minimum spanning tree. This was also followed by an aptitude round and MCQ round consisting of code debugging questions, MCQs of CS fundamental subjects.

At the end there was a section of the cultural fit section where the type of questions was based on how to deal with conflicts and whether you are culturally fit for Amazon or not. All these sections were score based section and combining all would be used to rank the candidates for the shortlist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pass the Amazon coding test?

Prepare for 3-4 months consistently by practising problems from Leetcode, Coding Ninjas’ Code Studio, Interview Bit, gfg etc. Also, try to learn to optimise your code.

Is the Amazon assessment hard?

The off-campus assessment test is considerably hard although the on-campus assessment will contain more sections. With right preparation and practise it will be easier to ace in any.

How do you pass a coding test?

Being familiar with the coding platforms is very important. Most of the coding IDEs are quite same and practising in any will give a proper idea of the process. Start practising with data structures and algorithms from popular sites and also checkout the previous interview questions of Amazon.

How do I pass an Amazon interview?

Amazon interview is one of the most interesting difficult ones in the industry. In depth knowledge and ability to apply algorithms will help you acing the interview rounds. After the coding test, the shortlisted candidates are called for subsequent rounds of interviews. These rounds consist of machine coding or pair programming round followed by HR round. Clearing each round will get you a place in Amazon.

How many rounds are there in the interview of Amazon?

The recruitment process of Amazon involves five – six rounds:

  • Written Round
  • Online Coding Round
  • Multiple Technical Rounds
  • Hiring Manager Round
  • HR Round

How do I prepare for an Amazon interview?

After going through interview experiences of other candidates, the major thing is to focus on practising as many problems as you can with special focus on DSA. Amazon interviews are very specific to the company itself so knowledge about it will also help.


Amazon is one of the dream companies for many aspiring software developers and it can be achieved by giving a bit of dedication and persistence in practice. Consistency is the key, Amazon is one of the most prestigious companies too and hence having a career with this tech giant also has an advantage for career growth aspects.

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Hope this article is helpful to aspiring developers and candidates preparing for Amazon.

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