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HirePro Placements

Kushleen Waraich
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2022
HirePro Placement


The process of getting hired is really cumbersome, for both the applicant and the company. In the 1990s, recruitment processes were in a worse state than what it is today. This is why in 1999, two brothers, Anshuman Das and Rishi Das tackled this problem by starting the company CareerNet Technologies Pvt Ltd. In 2004, with the help of AI, they started HirePro 2022in order to match the recruitment supply needs of the company delivering the best talent.

Although the difficulty level of the HirePro Placement Exam lies in the moderate to high range, clearing all the exams will ensure you a placement. 

Resources to Prepare for HirePro 

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Eligibility Criteria of HirePro 

You have to be a graduate or a postgraduate to apply for the HirePro Placement Exams. The eligibility criteria vary for every company.

Here is an example for the Accenture HirePro test eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must hold a Bachelors in Engineering(B.E) or Technology(B.Tech) or a Masters in Computer Applications(MCA).
  • The candidate must have a 65% aggregate or a 6.5 CGPA calculated till the 5th Semester for BE / B.Tech and 3rd Semester for MCA. The same criteria are to be filled if the candidate is applying after the 5th Semester.
  • The candidate must not possess any active backlogs till the 5th Semester for Engineering Degrees and the 3rd Semester for MCA when applying for the recruitment process. The same criteria is to be filled if the candidate is applying after the 5th Semester.
  • The company will allow a maximum time period of one year gap in education. This is checked from the 10th to the time the candidate graduates.
  • The candidate must be an Indian citizen or must have work permits with them.

Exam Pattern of HirePro

Before we start talking about the question paper pattern, we need to talk about how the exam is conducted. The exam is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The proctoring of the exam is done by the computer itself by recording both the audio and the video. You cannot have any help, say a calculator or a Chrome Extension. You cannot switch tabs more than twice. If you do, you’re sure to be kicked out of the exam.

Let us talk about the pattern of questions. Assessed from the HirePro Placement Exams 2021, the HirePro 2022 will probably start with the 15 questions to test the ability of a candidate on numbers. One can spend a total time of 15 minutes on this. 

After the test on numerical ability, the candidate will get a time of 15 minutes to finish 15-20 questions on logical reasoning. 

The next section is to test the verbal ability of the candidate. The number of questions for this test should be from 15 to 18 judging from last year’s paper. The duration of this section will be 15 minutes as well. 

Furthermore, there will be a section on Data Interpretation. This too should have 15 to 18 questions and the timer will run for 15 minutes here as well. 

Finally, we have a total of 20 to 25 domain-based questions. Though this is not a compulsory section for the HirePro 2022 Placement exams, candidates who want Technical roles in certain companies may have to write this section. The candidate applying for a CS/IT job will get 30 minutes to finish this section. 

Previous Year’s Questions

We shall take the previously asked questions and talk about what you might receive as questions in the HirePro Placement Exams 2022. One has to maintain both speed and accuracy in order to clear the exams.

Coming to the first section, i.e. Numerical Ability, you might get questions on ratio and proportion, set theory, venn diagrams, profit and loss, percentage, unitary method, etc.

The section on Logical Reasoning will contain questions on Family Trees( questions on blood relation), distance and direction, calendar dates and days, visual reasoning, etc.

The section on Verbal Ability will contain questions on a reading of a passage(Comprehension), fill in the blanks, arrangement of sentences, vocabulary(substituting a word for a phrase), active and passive speech, eMail writing.

The last compulsory section on Data Interpretation will contain questions on statistics, charts, and graphs for example. The questions in this section will be based on Bar Graphs, Pie charts, and Tables.

The final and non-compulsory section is the Domain-Based or Technical section. We will have an in-detail discussion on this section.

If you do not feel confident writing the Technical Section, you can always brush your skills up by getting help online. Visit https://www.codingninjas.com/ for more information.

Prerequisites of HirePro

The Domain Section of the paper is only for those candidates who apply for Technical Roles in particular companies. The companies will mention the coding languages necessary for their HirePro Placement exam. 

For example, a company like Dell will ask for C++ and Java, you can choose from either of these languages. A company like Qualcomm will ask for languages like Verilog, ANSI C, and questions in the Domain-based section will be on these languages, DSP(Digital Signal Processing), VLSI, Data Structures, and Operating System. The requirement for coding languages is different for each company. 

The most common topics in the Technical or Domain-Based Section for different companies are C, C++, Java, Python(note that coding languages will depend on the requirements of the company you’re applying for). You have to know OOPs(Object Oriented Programming system), RDBMS(eg. MySQL), Data Structures(Array, Pointer, Stack & Queue, Linked List, Trees,etc.), Operating System, and Networking. 

These are dependent on the company requirements as well, so make sure that you’re researching the company you’re writing the HirePro Placement Exams for.

How to Register?

Each company will have a different registration link for their respective candidates appearing. For example, Amazon’s HirePro Registration link is https://amazonvirtualhiring.hirepro.in/registration/incta/ju0f4/main

You have to visit the link above, click on the ‘Find Jobs’ button, look for a role that suits your skillset, and register for the same.

For registering at Accenture you can follow the guidelines on the link below:


Preparation Tips

Here are some preparation tips for the HirePro Placement:

  • Most of your preparation should be covered by solving and practicing the previous year’s question papers. Along with this, you should practice your coding skills and algorithms.
  • Apply for mock tests online to keep your speed and accuracy in check. Note that speed and accuracy is the key to crack this exam, considering that you know the syllabus well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amazon HirePro test?

The Amazon HirePro test is conducted by Amazon itself, powered by HirePro. You have to clear all four rounds after which you’re supposed to be given a Versant test. After the results are out, you will receive an email from Amazon regarding the interview.

How does HirePro Proctoring work?

The proctoring for the HirePro 2022, although powered by AI may be proctored live by the examiner or test invigilator. The AI will use both audio and video recording to detect malpractice. Your screen will be recorded as well. Impersonation will be detected by verifying your ID via AI, so please don’t let anyone else take the exam for you.
In addition to this, there may be a live monitoring of tests by a proctor. This proctor will have the power to pause the test, monitor the candidate and even disqualify the candidate in case of any suspicious activity.

How many rounds are there in Amazon HirePro?

After you have cleared the HirePro placement test, you will have to write the Versant test for Amazon. Depending on your result, you will receive an eMail for the interview process. You might have two or one round of interviews. If it is a two round interview then one of them will be a Technical Interview and the other will be an HR interview.

What is a Versant Test?

A Versant Test examines your proficiency in English. This includes reading, writing, understanding and speaking.

How do I practice for the Versant test?

Considering the fact that you have a basic knowledge of English, clearing this test should not at all be a problem for you. There are numerous tests online that you can opt for. This will help build both your speed and accuracy. You can also try out mock tests for IELTS as they will definitely help with your proficiency in English.

How many rounds are there in the Amazon Versant test?

The Amazon Versant test has two rounds. The first round is written, you can expect questions from sentence building, paragraph building, dictation, etc. If you qualify this round, you move onto the next round. This round tests your proficiency in Spoken English.

Does HirePro hire for Amazon?

The short answer is yes. HirePro does hire for Amazon. You just have to get through the Amazon HirePro Test in order to qualify for an interview in Amazon.

Which is the most important section in the HirePro Placement Exam?

The most important section (compulsory section) is Data Interpretation where you will have 15 minutes to solve 15-18 questions.

Is there any negative marking in the HirePro 2022?

HirePro Tests do not have any scheme of negative marking.


HirePro enables you to apply to various companies. A few companies that use HirePro Services are Accenture, Amazon, ZS Associates, VMWare, Qualcomm, Dell, Tata  AIG.

If you’re going to graduate in 2022, you should definitely consider giving HirePro a shot. HirePro provides you with the platform to showcase your talent and helps you secure your dream job.

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