A graph is a type of non-linear data structure. A graph is defined as a group of vertices, and edges are used to connect these vertices. There are many different types of graphs, such as directed, undirected, weighted, unweighted, cyclic, acyclic, etc. There are many real-life applications of the graph. They are used in maps, social media, path optimization algorithms, etc.
A graph is an ADT, here ADT refers to the Abstract Data Type, and it can be used to represent non-linear relationships and complex relationships between objects. A graph consists of nodes commonly known as vertices, that are connected by edges. Graphs have a lot of key terms: When an edge connects two nodes, they are called neighbors. In this, we have covered all the classic problems related to graphs. Basically starting from graph traversals and gradually increasing the level by discussing all the classic problems.
Graph traversal means visiting each vertex and edge in order. We must also verify that each vertex of the graph is visited exactly once when using cer
Minimum Spanning Tree
A minimum spanning tree or minimum weight spanning tree can be defined as a subset of the edges of a connected, edge-weighted undirected graph that co
In Competitive programming, we can have problems like: 1. Array problems 2. Algorithm Based problems 3. Hashmap Based Problems and much more...
The advanced topics under Graph Data Structure include traversable and Euclidean graphs, isomorphic and homogeneous graphs, fuzzy graphs, etc. Questions from these topics might be asked in the Technical Interviews of Product-Based Companies.
DP and Graph
DP and Graph is a little uncommon for interviews but is essential to become a great competitive programmer. However, there are certain standard proble
Dynamic Programming and graphs are some of the most important topics in computer science as well as from a placement point of view. When we apply the
Mixed Problems
Advanced graph concepts can seem tricky at first. But after getting a good understanding, they can get easier. Let us try to solve some mixed problems on advanced graph theory concepts to deepen our understanding.
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Top Problems related to Graph