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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a critical component of Artificial Intelligence that primarily deals with graphics and images. It has a wide range of real-world applications, ranging from medical to defence to everyday smartphones. It has the ability to extract information from any available visual. In this section, you will learn about its concept and implementation.
Learn about the fundamentals and the actual need for implementing computer vision applications in the technical domain. Knowing its applications is also an important aspect of computer vision, as it has many of them, including facial recognition, self-driving cars, and many others.
Image Processing Basics
Images, like data, must be processed before they can be used in computer vision processes, in the same way that data must be analysed and preprocessed before it can be used in machine learning. This aids in the extraction of every pixel of an image with greater clarity and accuracy using algorithms such as edge detection and the Image Pyramid method.
Computer Vision Concepts
Working with images necessitates an understanding of some concepts and theory, which will undoubtedly aid in achieving greater efficiency with fewer inputs. Algorithms such as feature detection and selection, as well as GAN applications, are important features in computer vision.
Transformation techniques within an image help in working efficiently and being able to analyse different parts of an image as well as running differe
CNN Visualisations
Learn about interesting models and programmes that use computer vision concepts to visualise various neural networks, such as Google Dream, which visu
Applications of GANS
GANs have many applications and use cases in computer vision; for example, Pix2Pix and Stack GAN are GAN models designed specifically for use in compu
OpenCV is a popular and widely used framework for computer vision model implementations and applications. It not only works at the software level, but it is also highly optimised for integration with hardware such as cameras and various sensors. It can be used in a variety of programming languages, including Java, C++, and Python.
Feature Detection and Description
Learn about the implementation of feature detection in OpenCV with various types of detection algorithms such as line, circle, and smile detection, wh
Applications and Projects
As we all know, computer vision has a wide range of applications. Learn about various real-world projects based on computer vision that have been impl
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